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James, Jan and Howie in GR. James said at the last POV that was in the mud, he said - Iris
5:54PM 30/08/2005

Jan said her favorite POVs have been High & Dry, the hockey comp and the mud comp. NT - Iris
5:54PM 30/08/2005

James favorite POV was the pinata. They all laugh. NT - Iris
5:55PM 30/08/2005

James said he is scared of heights. NT - Iris
5:56PM 30/08/2005

Boring in GR... they are going step-by-step over the High & Dry competition, how they won, their strategy, etc. NT - Iris
5:59PM 30/08/2005

James reminds Jan he's only gone head-to-head against her in 2 veto comps and their time difference in the 2 are 21 seconds. NT - Iris
6:00PM 30/08/2005

Feeds 1 & 2 on How, Jan & James in GR; Feed 3 & 4 Ap sleeping and Iv reading Bible in HoH bed. NT - Iris
6:04PM 30/08/2005

Jan said she knows Michael is not in sequester but she can't tell James how she knows. NT - Iris
6:06PM 30/08/2005

James: I'd really like to stay. I have more sh*t to do. Get HoH for a week and f*ck everybody's life up. NT - Iris
6:08PM 30/08/2005

James to Jan: What are you thinking about? Jan: Next week. - Iris
6:10PM 30/08/2005

Jan: So, Beau is not going to give you a vote? James: I've been thinking the exact same thing you've been thinking... - Iris
6:13PM 30/08/2005

James left DR to go and talk to Ivette some more. NT - Iris
6:14PM 30/08/2005

Howie to Jan: Can you believe this Sh*t? He's trying to steal my vote from you. Are you going to vote me off or him? Jan: Him! - Iris
6:16PM 30/08/2005

Howie asks again: Are you going to evict him before me? Jan: Howie! He gives her a kiss. NT - Iris
6:17PM 30/08/2005

Jan told Howie she told James she hasn't decided who she is going to vote for yet. NT - Iris
6:18PM 30/08/2005

James: It's wierd, I kind of feel like it's not worth even trying, but a lot of things go through my head. But, I do like Howie, as stupid as I am. NT - Iris
6:19PM 30/08/2005

James back in GR with Jan, Iv and Ap were asleep he said and then he said he took a "two wiper." NT - Iris
6:19PM 30/08/2005

James and Jan strategize in the GR (or at least talk about strategy) - Iris
6:23PM 30/08/2005

James: Even if Beau backs out and didn't vote for me, no one would believe he didn't and no one would think you'd vote against Howie. NT - Iris
6:24PM 30/08/2005

James: I've thought about that, but I was only going to talk about it if you brought it up. NT - Iris
6:24PM 30/08/2005

James: Ivette is pissed that they didn't get rid of you last week. Jan: I'm not scare of Ivette - Iris
6:25PM 30/08/2005

James: How does this sound? - Iris
6:27PM 30/08/2005

James to Janelle: I'm telling them I want to stay to get rid of you. - Iris
6:29PM 30/08/2005

James leaves FR, Jan laying on the bed awake covered up. She is in thought and kind of nods her head in a quick "no" manner and a quick frown. - Iris
6:31PM 30/08/2005

F1 & F2 James and Howie in BY; F3 Iv reading Bible in HoH bed; F4 HoH room. (Ed: I'm out for the night!) NT - Iris
6:32PM 30/08/2005

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