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Topic #2343995
princessbride - James calls Kaysar Arogant. and that is what the S6 to fall apart NT 0 Replies #2343995 7:22PM 31/08/2005
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Topic #2344008
Sluggo - James is going on and on AND ON about the failings of the S6. 0 Replies #2344008 7:24PM 31/08/2005
His analysis is pretty much right on, but damn, he's like a broken record.
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Topic #2344013
Toronto - James credits the not-so-strategic movies on the part of S6 on their greed. (He's one to talk.) NT 0 Replies #2344013 7:24PM 31/08/2005
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Topic #2344028
Toronto - Ivette telling James that Maggie isn't the Friendship's anchor. (Ed: Judging by the growing tension between Ivette and April, I'd say otherwise.) NT 0 Replies #2344028 7:27PM 31/08/2005
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Topic #2344036
Taffy - Maggie and Jan are playing with the clay... 0 Replies #2344036 7:28PM 31/08/2005
Maggie is making clay dolls of everyone in the house. Asked Janelle to make a purse for Beau please. Told April she was gonna have some fun tonight(I suppose with the clay) April asked her to make hers with big boobs.
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Topic #2344050
princessbride - Iv complains about Janie (again.....Get over it.....Ugh!!!) NT 0 Replies #2344050 7:30PM 31/08/2005
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Topic #2344051
Toronto - Ivette baffled as to why God blesses Janelle, who she believes would have never let the HGs pick the meal. NT 0 Replies #2344051 7:30PM 31/08/2005
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Topic #2344059
Sluggo - Ivette and James get back to Janelle-bashing 0 Replies #2344059 7:31PM 31/08/2005
Ivette: "I can't believe God blesses people like her."
James: "She's not blessed."

They're buttering up each other something fierce.
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Topic #2344077
Toronto - Ivette enters house and tells Janelle that she wouldn't be surprised if she's played around with another girl before. NT 0 Replies #2344077 7:33PM 31/08/2005
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Topic #2344114
Taffy - Maggie's made three dolls so far...one with a big peepee ( I guess Beau) 0 Replies #2344114 7:37PM 31/08/2005
one with a pitch fork, like the devil(?), and one blond one April is claiming to be hers cuz she's complaining thqat it is too little and maggie says: You are little.
April says guys like to have fun with blonds, but bring brunnetes home to mom.
Janie: Agrees with April(LOL. then says "If I was a lesbian I would like blonds".
Ivette pipes in with something about what Jan just said (didn't get it) and
Janie answers: How do you know I haven't kissed a girl?
Ivette: I have no doubt that you have kissed a girl, or that a girl has gone down on you...
Janelle: no I haven't
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Topic #2344141
princessbride - april picks her nose (Again) at the table, while Maggie is making play do HG NT 0 Replies #2344141 7:41PM 31/08/2005
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Topic #2344151
princessbride - Janelle shows April her boobies NT 0 Replies #2344151 7:43PM 31/08/2005
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Topic #2344152
Toronto - Janelle shows April her nipples to determine their colour; April believes they're a brownish pink. NT 0 Replies #2344152 7:43PM 31/08/2005
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Topic #2344239
Taffy - All HGs sitting at the table watching Maggie play with the clay and chatting... 0 Replies #2344239 7:53PM 31/08/2005
April says she likes the Janelle doll best so far.
Not much to report. They're just chitchatting, waiting for the japanese food. James had left and just came back to the table.
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Topic #2344323
Toronto - The HGs receive their Japanese meal! (Ed: Off to bed I go! Good night!) NT 0 Replies #2344323 8:04PM 31/08/2005
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Topic #2344383
Taffy - All HGs delighted! Lots of "Thank you BB" and "Thank you Ivetta" from everybody... 0 Replies #2344383 8:10PM 31/08/2005
All happily eating and being nice to each other...:)
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Topic #2344474
candyapple - Ivette: Every girlfriend I ever had liked sushi? 0 Replies #2344474 8:21PM 31/08/2005
Janelle: Imagine that.
Ivette: Isn't she (Janelle) the clever one.
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Topic #2344478
AlexaRae - Ivette: Every girlfriend I've ever had has loved sushi... Janelle: Imagine that... Ivette; Aren't you the clever one... smirk from Janie NT 0 Replies #2344478 8:21PM 31/08/2005
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Topic #2344537
hoarsewhisperer - ohoh Janelle taking about her DUI, only she says it was before she was 21 NT 1 Replies #2344537 8:28PM 31/08/2005
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Rhea - She was 20 according to The Smoking Gun............... NT #2344726 8:53PM 31/08/2005
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Topic #2344555
applecrisp - Talk about Janie's DUI, how April thinks Ashlea is spoiled or something... 0 Replies #2344555 8:31PM 31/08/2005
A: "She made me tell her [ed note: 'made' LOL right] all about my job. She couldn't believe I have to wake myself up in the morning. She said, 'Don't you have a manager that wakes you up?'"
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Topic #2344967
Gorf - F3 - Beau and Howie Playing Coasters NT 1 Replies #2344967 9:20PM 31/08/2005
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Janie_Roxx - The score is now 3 to 3.. they are playing anything goes & this is the winning game NT #2344999 9:25PM 31/08/2005
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Topic #2344983
Fable - April and Maggie talk in HOH room: 0 Replies #2344983 9:22PM 31/08/2005
April would rather have Janelle win HOH over Howie because the following week they can for sure beat Howie. April thinks Janelle would put up Ivette and Beau if she won HOH to split up the pairs.... so she thinks her and Maggie will be safe next week. Maggie says if Beau or Ivette win veto that she will go.. April says no, I think the other half of the pair will go because that is why they would put them up in the first place, to split them
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Topic #2344988
applecrisp - Janie went to bed after dinner, Howie said he was going to work out but 0 Replies #2344988 9:23PM 31/08/2005
Maggie told him it doesn't burn calories unless you wait 10 hours after eating.

Maggie is in bed in HOH, April is in there talking to her about who Janie/Howie would put up if they win HOH. April would rather Janie get HOH if no one from the NH can because only Howie would be able to compete against them next week & they can "for sure beat him."

She thinks they're going to put up Ivette/Beau to split up the last pair. Maggie seems uncertain about this.
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Topic #2345013
shesblazzzing - April and Maggie find more quarters in HOH. One of them says not to tell anyone! NT 0 Replies #2345013 9:26PM 31/08/2005
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Topic #2345018
Janie_Roxx - Howie won coaster, but now they are playing again. NT 0 Replies #2345018 9:27PM 31/08/2005
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