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Maggie in Kitchen with Beau and Howie - comes up behind Beau and hugs him - saying she is sorry they got into a fight last night... - Jana
11:04AM 31/08/2005

Beau in kitchen-Jam is in workout room. NT - Vaseflower2000
11:04AM 31/08/2005

mag and Beau in kitchen-Jam now working out. H and B know same people and did not know it. NT - Vaseflower2000
11:06AM 31/08/2005

Beau tells Maggie he and Howie know same people in Ft. Laud. - Maggie and Beau wonder if he is really acting like the real Howie outside the house NT - Jana
11:07AM 31/08/2005

Beau and Mag still cooking in kitchen-talking about doing laundry. NT - Vaseflower2000
11:08AM 31/08/2005

Ealier outside on patio Ap/Iv/Maggie agree that how you play the game is who you are on the outside - then April starts backtracking NT - Jana
11:08AM 31/08/2005

BB: Howie please go to the DR. NT - Janie_Roxx
11:13AM 31/08/2005

Ap/Iv/Mag taking all sheets off beds in Subway room - clean it preparing to move back down there tomorrow NT - Jana
11:18AM 31/08/2005

How comes out of the DR and Beau and him go outside to eat. BB: Ivette please go to the DR. NT - Janie_Roxx
11:19AM 31/08/2005

Ivette, Maggie, April in Barracks - Taffy
11:24AM 31/08/2005

April to Howie/Mag/Beau: I want him gone, I want it so bad I can't taste it! I won't believe it until it's done. Then she asks Howie what hasJanelle. - Taffy
11:29AM 31/08/2005

April: I just want to know what he says about me. He never talks game to me... - Taffy
11:35AM 31/08/2005

BB: James please go to the DR. James: Thank you for waiting until I was done working out and showering. NT - Janie_Roxx
11:36AM 31/08/2005

James: Oh! f*ck I hate losing! - Taffy
11:37AM 31/08/2005

BB: Janelle please go to the DR. NT - Janie_Roxx
11:46AM 31/08/2005

April asking Howie about the blog - Taffy
11:47AM 31/08/2005

Howie claiming to love James while bashing on him with the other hg. NT - notchbaby
11:52AM 31/08/2005

April on James, he makes me feel so sorry for him, as a human I feel bad. NT - notchbaby
11:53AM 31/08/2005

Howie says, he has to go because he is such a great player, then April says, I refuse to give him that credibility. Iv says you should, he deserves it - notchbaby
11:54AM 31/08/2005

April has gone in to blog, Iv and Beau are playing chest while howie silently sits beside them NT - notchbaby
11:57AM 31/08/2005

Beau says, what are you thinking Howie. I'm thinking about these events. - notchbaby
11:59AM 31/08/2005

BB: HG's your are not allowed to talk about your DR sessions. NT - Janie_Roxx
12:02PM 31/08/2005

April says she likes the weight she's put on in the butt. (implies she doesn't like it in her stomach) NT - erniebert
12:04PM 31/08/2005

Maggie using Janies flat iron. NT - cags
12:07PM 31/08/2005

Howie doing dishes, camera keeps zooming in on his "underwears" sticking out the back of his shorts NT - erniebert
12:12PM 31/08/2005

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