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Mag and James BY talk about what he'll miss about the house...(long) - just1fan
3:50PM 31/08/2005

Maggie and James in BY - shocking, they're actually joking and getting along! NT - shesblazzzing
3:52PM 31/08/2005

Magg and James outside - amIsane
3:57PM 31/08/2005

april: my eyes look almost as blue as janelle's in these pictures. NT - kaysar_and_janie
4:01PM 31/08/2005

James: I wish today was Thursday. Maggie: Me too. They laugh. NT - shesblazzzing
4:02PM 31/08/2005
Jam"I'm not that bad am I?" Magg gives him a look and does not reply!! NT - amIsane
4:06PM 31/08/2005

april: sarah doesn't photograph very well. beau: she looks like an oompa-loompa. NT - kaysar_and_janie
4:03PM 31/08/2005

James says he is going to make cookies for everyone. Magg asks if she can help - amIsane
4:10PM 31/08/2005

James is being very funny. - amIsane
4:16PM 31/08/2005

BB: HG's this is a lockdown. Please go inside and shut the sliding glass door. NT - Janie_Roxx
4:17PM 31/08/2005

BB called lockdown, HG must go inside NT - amIsane
4:17PM 31/08/2005

Indoor LD called. April thinks it might be a skilled event for the HOH comp tomorrow. NT - drummer_inblack
4:17PM 31/08/2005

How&Jan asleep. Ap/Bea playing coasters. Ma/Iv watching them chatting - amIsane
4:24PM 31/08/2005
Beau beat Ap. Bea just beat James 17 to 15 they are gonna play again NT - amIsane
4:25PM 31/08/2005
James beat Beau 13 to 12 They are playing best of 7NT - amIsane
4:27PM 31/08/2005

Magg and Iv in the kitchen. They look like they are going to bake something NT - amIsane
4:26PM 31/08/2005

Magg/IV/AP - amIsane
4:39PM 31/08/2005

Banner plane flying they are on lockdown... several commented that they aren't suppose to acknowledge it so we won't know but you can hear it NT - Kreeson
4:49PM 31/08/2005

Bea "Sounds like there is a plane out there" - amIsane
4:51PM 31/08/2005

Ivette and the Nerd Herd stuffing their faces with Banana Bread NT - princessbride
4:52PM 31/08/2005

f3 &f4 show How and Janie still asleep NT - amIsane
4:55PM 31/08/2005
actually they are awake. Jam in there talking to them now NT - amIsane
4:56PM 31/08/2005

Bea has come in and in bed w/How. He has some white stuff stuck all over his face. LOL NT - amIsane
4:58PM 31/08/2005

Beau flirting w/How..some adult* - amIsane
5:02PM 31/08/2005

FISH NT - amIsane
5:03PM 31/08/2005
As Beau was coming into GR, Janie went to kit. with the girls. eating NT - amIsane
5:04PM 31/08/2005

Back from fish Adult* - amIsane
5:08PM 31/08/2005

Beau to How "The older you get is it harder to get a woody?" (LOL Beau) - amIsane
5:12PM 31/08/2005

April: "No more America please" and "We don't like America". I kid you not. NT - Sluggo
5:14PM 31/08/2005

Wow, as soon as I switch my feed, Ap dissing Amer again. LOLO - amIsane
5:16PM 31/08/2005

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