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Diana Ivette telling Maggie how good she looks, "you're like down to nothing" 0 8:08PM 01/09/2005
auntjulie Maggie: Is it horrible to never want to hear her (janie) voice again? Ivette: Is it horrible to call her (janie) the worst soul? NT 0 8:08PM 01/09/2005
Diana Maggie: I can't wait to never have to hear her voice again for the rest of my life 0 8:09PM 01/09/2005
drummer_inblack Howie called to the DR. NT 0 8:11PM 01/09/2005
bbaddict2005 Maggie: I can't wait until I never hear her (Janelle) again. Is that bad? 0 8:11PM 01/09/2005
bbaddict2005 Ivette & Maggie in B/R - Ivette thinks it was selfish for April to send James home 0 8:14PM 01/09/2005
bbaddict2005 Maggie giving Ivette a pep talk - you've played a great game, they may be backdooring me, NT 0 8:16PM 01/09/2005
TX_Redhead Beau told rest of Maggots if vote was 3-1 Howie would have put up Janie NT 0 8:22PM 01/09/2005
Timbo36 NH in hallway discussing amongst themselves how to lie to howie to convince him to get rid of Janey NT 0 8:23PM 01/09/2005
Timbo36 Howie got a pair of lightsapers in his HOH room! NT 0 8:32PM 01/09/2005
JAK420 howie got lights sabers in hoh yea im happy for him NT 0 8:33PM 01/09/2005
ouxch Ape - "STAR WARS LOVES YOU!!" (ed note: like kmart loves her! LMAO!) NT 0 8:33PM 01/09/2005
ouxch Mag - "You know what april wants to do with the life saver! *laughs*" NT 0 8:34PM 01/09/2005
Timbo36 Howie and Beau playing w/ lightsabers; Howie says "Be careful Beau, you're no Jedi." NT 0 8:35PM 01/09/2005
ouxch Howie - "WOAHH! [excitement]" (lmao hes right into it. im happy for him!) NT 0 8:36PM 01/09/2005
Timbo36 Howie: "I love it, I love it, I love it! I'm a Jedi." NT 0 8:37PM 01/09/2005
ouxch Howie and Janie playing with the lightsabers.. NT 0 8:43PM 01/09/2005
Timbo36 Howie to Janey: "Jedi Janie!!!" NT 0 8:43PM 01/09/2005
Timbo36 Howie instructs Janie: If the Nerd Herd comes up, strike 'em down w/ the lightsabers. NT 0 8:46PM 01/09/2005
ouxch Janie [to Howie] - "Did they try to get you to put me up? [After Veto I guess]" 0 8:48PM 01/09/2005
TX_Redhead Howie telling Janie they need to study for HOH... 0 8:49PM 01/09/2005
TX_Redhead Howie wants to get rid of Beau, he's only one that can compete physically NT 0 8:52PM 01/09/2005
Goddess200xxx H/J plan to veto Ivette, put Maggie up and evict Beau NT 0 8:53PM 01/09/2005
ouxch Plan is to take Ivette off with Veto and put Maggie up to make sure Beau goes home. (ed note: i think its a great idea) NT 0 8:53PM 01/09/2005
luvmykitties Mag wants to go to DR so she can change - and will tell them they can eat a d**k 0 8:55PM 01/09/2005
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