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TX_Redhead Howie got his U2 CD again (ed note: he looks GREAT with that haircut) NT 0 8:57PM 01/09/2005
ouxch April and Ivette talking at the RT 1 9:00PM 01/09/2005
ouxch April - "As much as were a foursome, were all individuals." NT 0 9:01PM 01/09/2005
TX_Redhead Something Maggie said earlie that just dawned on me... 1 9:02PM 01/09/2005
ouxch Mag - "Unlike Eric and I, and Jennifer and April. You guys have a choice [B and I], whos to stay and whos to go." NT 0 9:03PM 01/09/2005
Billy Ivette ready to give up, saying Beau deserves to stay after April & Maggie tell her that they can dictate who stays, since they will have the votes. 0 9:05PM 01/09/2005
ouxch Ivette - "I'm going to say, "Janelle, how does it feel like to know you don't have a shot at the 500?" *Maggie Laughs* 0 9:06PM 01/09/2005
notchbaby Maggie and April ask Ivette who she wants to stay, her or Beau 0 9:06PM 01/09/2005
Billy Maggie snarking on Ivette about her wanting to say things to Janelle about not being able to win the $500K, and only being able to take the $50K, 0 9:06PM 01/09/2005
TX_Redhead Evillette keeps saying she wants to ask Janie 1 9:06PM 01/09/2005
Billy April has just told Ivette that at this point, unless the person on the block wins POV, they shouldn't expect anyone else to use it on them. 0 9:11PM 01/09/2005
Taffy Ivette, Maggie and April still talking about who would be living at the house next week... 1 9:17PM 01/09/2005
Taffy April: I woill be in tears if I have to be in the final three with them. We cannot let that happen 0 9:20PM 01/09/2005
shesblazzzing Beau just asked Howie to go up to HOH so they could talk. NT 0 9:24PM 01/09/2005
shesblazzzing Beau/Howie in HOH 0 9:28PM 01/09/2005
shesblazzzing More Beau/Howie 0 9:33PM 01/09/2005
shesblazzzing Beau/Howie cont'd 0 9:35PM 01/09/2005
shesblazzzing I think April and Ivette were talking about Janelle. 0 9:38PM 01/09/2005
crymerci Dining room cam on the dirty dishes Ivette, Maggie and April left on table. NT 0 9:39PM 01/09/2005
shesblazzzing April ranting about Janelle leaving her stuff all over the place.. 0 9:41PM 01/09/2005
just1fan April justifying to Ivette being civil to Janelle... 0 9:42PM 01/09/2005
BHnoah Beau playing with Howies light saber in main bedroom NT 0 9:42PM 01/09/2005
BHnoah They've turned off the lights in main bed room (and it's in color not night vision) and Maggie and beau are using the light sabers NT 0 9:45PM 01/09/2005
shesblazzzing Earlier in HOH, Howie told Beau that Maggie is the glue that holds them (the friendship) together. NT 0 9:46PM 01/09/2005
shesblazzzing Howie called to DR. Ivette says to remember what to ask for. 0 9:50PM 01/09/2005
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