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Kaynelle April: How did she do so well (in the comp) How did she cut my time in half? 0 12:49AM 04/09/2005
sparkletts Maggie:she just sticks the knife in and twists thats a bad person she doesnt ever think about anyone elses feelings NT 0 12:50AM 04/09/2005
Taffy Maggie walks to fridge...looks up, tells the camera "F*ck You" 0 12:51AM 04/09/2005
Kaynelle April telling Maggie what she told to Janelle in kitchen 0 12:52AM 04/09/2005
Mrguytvblog "...yes he has alot of things to work on. but he's got a heart.. i haven't seen janelle's heart, no where in this game." says maggie about H/J NT 0 12:57AM 04/09/2005
BHnoah Howie to Janelle: saying how they need to talk to Ivette, so Ivette votes off April 0 1:07AM 04/09/2005
BHnoah M, A & I still cryin' over Janelle getting 2;30 on POV- saying it was fixed (yet again) NT 0 1:12AM 04/09/2005
Taffy Maggie talking about how her friends would drive 400 miles to help her if she was stranded 0 1:13AM 04/09/2005
BHnoah M,A & I saying janelle is the Summer of Secrets. M: she's a producer NT 0 1:13AM 04/09/2005
Taffy Ivette: (about the comp)You look at you time and you are like yayayaya! then you look at 0 1:29AM 04/09/2005
Taffy Now rehashinf the Sarah/James/Ivette eviction week ...April blaming Janelle 1 1:37AM 04/09/2005
Taffy April: Guys, who's she going to hang out when howie's gone? She'll be studying.. 0 1:44AM 04/09/2005
BHnoah Maggie: the only one I regret sending home is Sarah April; yeah she was weak NT 0 1:44AM 04/09/2005
CbsBlows Crapettes talking about Janelles DR session after winning POV... 0 1:45AM 04/09/2005
Taffy they're calling her Jamelle 0 1:47AM 04/09/2005
CbsBlows Ivette saying, "Beau I almost sent you, your present (Janelle)" 0 1:49AM 04/09/2005
BHnoah April telling M&I how if Janelle is in final two with one of them and she comes in 2nd-- people will be booing them when they walk out of the house 0 1:53AM 04/09/2005
CbsBlows Maggie saying, Janelle will gain strength because... 0 1:53AM 04/09/2005
CbsBlows Ivette, "That bitch (Janelle) is saying that she sucks at endurance... 0 2:00AM 04/09/2005
Taffy f1&f2 : empty lr and dinning room... 0 2:01AM 04/09/2005
SassyPrncess Note: NH3 have been bashing Janelle since 11:16P BBT. Almost 3 hours with the same dialogue.... 1 2:08AM 04/09/2005
calgal Ivette, Maggie, and April discuss Howie.... 0 2:11AM 04/09/2005
CbsBlows April has a secret about Janelle she cannot share with Maggie/Ivette... 1 2:12AM 04/09/2005
drummer_inblack LOL Howie eating Trix *Adult* 0 2:15AM 04/09/2005
Taffy We're back... 0 2:20AM 04/09/2005
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