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pr3tty1np1nk April says that she wants to go walk. 0 1:11PM 04/09/2005
Disneyisme Maggie tells Howie outside the lock down was probably just to get them up. 0 1:13PM 04/09/2005
Disneyisme April yells over to Janelle "I'm going to walk for 30 minutes then come and lay out with you, is 0 1:14PM 04/09/2005
pr3tty1np1nk Ivette offers to make Howie some eggs. 0 1:15PM 04/09/2005
Disneyisme April and Mag are now in the gym. April shuts the door and declares 1 1:17PM 04/09/2005
Disneyisme April is walking at a snails pace, distracted and looking like she wants to talk talk talk. Maggie 0 1:22PM 04/09/2005
Disneyisme April says "I wonder if they'll do a luxury for us, it's Labor Day weekend, come on BB throw us a bone." 1 1:26PM 04/09/2005
Disneyisme Now the flood gates are open and April is starting again about Janelle saying "let her 0 1:30PM 04/09/2005
bo_bim_bob April talking about James trying to get in Ivette's head NT 0 1:31PM 04/09/2005
pr3tty1np1nk April picks nose and then goes on to say that Janelle has never said to her that Janelle doesn't like Maggie. NT 0 1:32PM 04/09/2005
Disneyisme After a minute of silence, April says "It pisses me off that James tried to get it into Ivette's head 0 1:33PM 04/09/2005
Disneyisme Now April is telling Maggie "Janelle has never told me that she does not like you." 1 1:34PM 04/09/2005
pr3tty1np1nk April says it's funny that Janelle probably thinks it's in the bag now because the NH knows they can win against her in the final 2 0 1:35PM 04/09/2005
Disneyisme April: "the funny thing is she thinks we want to keep one of them in the game, so that 0 1:36PM 04/09/2005
bo_bim_bob FISH NT 0 1:46PM 04/09/2005
pr3tty1np1nk Ivette Howie and Janie in backyard talking 0 1:47PM 04/09/2005
JAK420 ivette jann howie discusin youn hollywood they say lindsey lohan 1 1:47PM 04/09/2005
pr3tty1np1nk Ivette: You know who I think is an amazing dad, Jude Law 0 1:52PM 04/09/2005
JAK420 now talkin of good hollywood parents ivette said jud law is a 0 1:53PM 04/09/2005
pr3tty1np1nk April has joined Iv/Jan/Howie in BY 0 1:55PM 04/09/2005
bo_bim_bob Iv, Apr, Jan, How talking about the possibility of a shopping spree NT 0 2:10PM 04/09/2005
JAK420 they talkin about about the rock shaker hoh comp on bb5 i think 0 2:16PM 04/09/2005
joannie Maggie (Bionic Woman) obsessively working out. NT 0 2:25PM 04/09/2005
knifey_spooney April says she will spend the money if she wins on Botox 0 2:33PM 04/09/2005
knifey_spooney Howie yells over that he wore James's "underwears" last night, and alot of help that was 0 2:34PM 04/09/2005
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