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Yvette say where is Janelle - bakerladee
8:29PM 09/09/2005

This is an outdoor lockdown, b/c April is cold and she said "c'mon BB I want to go back in" - amynyc
8:30PM 09/09/2005

Janie's home - kristinek
8:30PM 09/09/2005

Janelle has shirt signed by the cast NT - Zazny
8:31PM 09/09/2005

OMG Janelle is back and F3 are all excited, screaming, looking at her Tshirt NT - ferretkiss
8:31PM 09/09/2005

Janie got a tour around the set by the kid NT - Zazny
8:31PM 09/09/2005

Janie says it was so fun, shows them a shirt signed by Charlie. Says let's go inside, telling them all about it NT - amynyc
8:31PM 09/09/2005

J: A lot of fans came; I: What they tell you?; J: I can't say NT - Zazny
8:32PM 09/09/2005

Janie learnes she has fans!! She said a lot of fans came to the live audience taping. Ivette asks if they were screaming 'Janelle", Yes NT - amynyc
8:33PM 09/09/2005

Jan: a lot of fans came. Iv: what do you mean a lot of fans came?.... - ferretkiss
8:34PM 09/09/2005

J: I wasn't allowed to interact with the fans; Charlie, etc. couldn't talk about current events or the game NT - Zazny
8:34PM 09/09/2005

Asking Janelle if it was private where she was...... - kristinek
8:34PM 09/09/2005

Maggie and Ivette are playing volleyball... - Taffy
8:34PM 09/09/2005

Janie was not allowed to talk to the fans, Mag is surprised BB allowed BB fans there - amynyc
8:35PM 09/09/2005

Janelle saying she was happy about eating chicken pot pie! NT - kristinek
8:36PM 09/09/2005

Ivette sitting quietly....miserable acutally! jealous again!!!!!!!!!!! NT - kristinek
8:39PM 09/09/2005

Janelle said a couple fans said "we love you janie!" - Zazny
8:39PM 09/09/2005

Lots of questions, they seem interested (jealous) that Janelle has fans. People said "Hey, Janie, I love you!!" - amynyc
8:41PM 09/09/2005

Janelle's back showing off a shirt with autographs and telling all about her AC prize (long) - memyselfandi
8:41PM 09/09/2005

NH acting excited............they're acting janelous! NT - kristinek
8:42PM 09/09/2005

Jan: there was this girl and she said I love you, i love you..... - ferretkiss
8:43PM 09/09/2005

They kept insisting that Janelle tell them what the fans said so she finally tells them... - Taffy
8:44PM 09/09/2005

Seriously, NH just jealous! Janelle doing well! NT - kristinek
8:47PM 09/09/2005

NH is insanely jealous of Janie, and asking the same questions over and over. NT - kornholio26
8:48PM 09/09/2005

I/A/M not acting jealous....just asking alot of questions like anyone else would do. NT - Maggiefan
8:49PM 09/09/2005

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