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I: Maybe America gave it to her because they know she won't win the $500000 NT - Zazny
5:25PM 09/09/2005

I: maybe america is giving it to her because they know she won't win the $500K so they're giving her everything else - bbaddict2005
5:26PM 09/09/2005

A: omg i want this over NT - bbaddict2005
5:26PM 09/09/2005

all 3 eating janies 6 layer dip - april said she'd eat a little bit more and save some for janie NT - bbaddict2005
5:27PM 09/09/2005

maggie makes her 6 layer dip with hot beans and warm cheese Ivette: mmmmmm NT - bbaddict2005
5:28PM 09/09/2005

Ivette: so what do you girls want to do other than hate ourselves for coming into this mess - bbaddict2005
5:29PM 09/09/2005

Ivette, Maggie and April eating the nachos Janelle made and Ivette says "I guess we should leave her some since she made it" - BHnoah
5:29PM 09/09/2005

I: At least she likes you (April) a little bit, you got to pull your key out of the box. NT - thatgirI
5:30PM 09/09/2005

Ivette - at least she likes you a little bit - she pulled your key out of the box - bbaddict2005
5:32PM 09/09/2005

April talking about the things Janelle says can't be aired on tv., well I guess there's the internet but how many people watch that, I don't know- NT - Suzan
5:32PM 09/09/2005

M: I'm sure Dave told my parents how to do it and they're watching - bbaddict2005
5:34PM 09/09/2005

A: She won them all. She even won the Kaysar one NT - Zazny
5:34PM 09/09/2005
And April added that Kaysar owes her (Janelle), he owes her for him coming back NT - Suzan
5:37PM 09/09/2005

A: She's not going to care about this veto. She knows one of us is going - bbaddict2005
5:36PM 09/09/2005

Maggie: she's hoping to create a situation where we all get mad at each other and she gets - bbaddict2005
5:37PM 09/09/2005

maggie goes to hammock, april & ivette taking food in - bbaddict2005
5:38PM 09/09/2005

april & maggie lying on hammock - no one talking NT - bbaddict2005
5:39PM 09/09/2005

M: I'm cold - hurry up and get your legs on me NT - bbaddict2005
5:39PM 09/09/2005

a: i don't even know why they wake us up in the morning, we're not even part of the show NT - bbaddict2005
5:40PM 09/09/2005

M: how do they keep people from telling her things tonight NT - bbaddict2005
5:41PM 09/09/2005

A: she's eating filet mignon and the high end red wine. she'll come back toasted - bbaddict2005
5:41PM 09/09/2005
April pronounciation- filay minyaaaaawn. NT - Liann
5:51PM 09/09/2005

A: i don't think i'm going to the wrap party. no wait - my bad - those might be the only people that like me NT - bbaddict2005
5:42PM 09/09/2005

Maggie: houseguests - we would never mess with the integrity of the game - bbaddict2005
5:43PM 09/09/2005

April and Maggie swaying in hammock and Ivette comes out to BY too - memyselfandi
5:45PM 09/09/2005

I: when we go shopping, know that your rack is going to be kmart and she'll have neiman marcus NT - bbaddict2005
5:49PM 09/09/2005

A: if she wins the 500k she'll be the biggest winner in BB history NT - bbaddict2005
5:50PM 09/09/2005

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