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abbybb Apr tells Jan, you have a great chance at making it to the final 2. Jan saying, "What have I got to lose. I just won't make any deals w/ anyone." NT 0 8:44PM 10/09/2005
PawPrint74 TRANSCRIPT - September 9, 2005 - Maggie, April & Ivette Bashing Janelle After Janelle Wins America's Choice...Again - TRANSCRIPT 1 8:44PM 10/09/2005
abbybb Jan asked Apr if Mag is a person of her word and Apr said "Yes. If you ask Mag something and she doesn't answer, you know why." NT 0 8:45PM 10/09/2005
Sluggo Ivette and Maggie take a break from bashing Janelle to bash April 0 8:46PM 10/09/2005
abbybb Jan wonders if they'll show the clip of Iv's reaction after winning PoV and Apr says I'll be going in a wk and I'll tell them." NT 0 8:46PM 10/09/2005
scoobydoo Janelle says Ivette was very rude to Rachel. NT 0 8:46PM 10/09/2005
abbybb Apr says when she looks back at all the evictions she made, Iv was behind them. NT 0 8:47PM 10/09/2005
scoobydoo Janelle talking about Ivette complaining about Rachel using too many 0 8:48PM 10/09/2005
HalleyG Ivette and Maggie in barracks on beds: 1 8:48PM 10/09/2005
abbybb Jan tells Apr that Jam told Rac that Iv was angry b/c Rach used too many bananas to make banana bread.. 0 8:48PM 10/09/2005
Sluggo Iv and Mag turn to more innocent matters, places they'd like to visit, etc. Banal chitchat. NT 0 8:49PM 10/09/2005
scoobydoo April says outside of the house, she is a strong person 0 8:50PM 10/09/2005
abbybb Apr saying that looking back, she should have stood up and spoke up b/c outside of her she's a strong leader.. 0 8:50PM 10/09/2005
abbybb Jan saying that she wanted Iv gone, not Beau.. "We could have gotten Iv out but How wanted Beau gone." NT 0 8:52PM 10/09/2005
abbybb Apr saying that her husband is going to kick her in the butt...she wanted Beau to stay. 0 8:54PM 10/09/2005
Mirage Iv is telling M what she bought at Venice beach and it includes 3 glass pipes for Tush (stage whisper, so we can hear.) Mag had just mentioned 0 8:54PM 10/09/2005
abbybb Jan saying that the audience was yelling stuff about Iv. Apr asks if they said anything about her and Mags and she said no. 0 8:55PM 10/09/2005
abbybb Apr says she can leave knowing she's never been nominated for eviction and that says something about her NT 0 8:58PM 10/09/2005
abbybb apr tells jan that she's not talking to iv NT 0 8:58PM 10/09/2005
abbybb Jan telling apr that james is the reason why eric is gone..iv was the one who was supposed to be gone NT 0 9:04PM 10/09/2005
abbybb apr wonders if eric was still there, would he still be tight w/ Iv NT 0 9:04PM 10/09/2005
abbybb jan says she keeps telling iv that if eric hadn't be gone, it would have been her but she doesn't get it NT 0 9:05PM 10/09/2005
abbybb apr saying the reason why she took on Iv is b/c she was nice to her in first weeks and saying they were alike NT 0 9:07PM 10/09/2005
abbybb apr saying that iv would accuse her of being safe with Sov b/c she took Jan off... NT 0 9:08PM 10/09/2005
abbybb apr telling jan to give it her all. jan says it's not about the $ but it's about who she doesn't want to win the $ NT 0 9:10PM 10/09/2005
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