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Topic #2448193
abbybb - Apr tells Jan, you have a great chance at making it to the final 2. Jan saying, "What have I got to lose. I just won't make any deals w/ anyone." NT 0 Replies #2448193 8:44PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2448201
PawPrint74 - TRANSCRIPT - September 9, 2005 - Maggie, April & Ivette Bashing Janelle After Janelle Wins America's Choice...Again - TRANSCRIPT 1 Replies #2448201 8:44PM 10/09/2005
NOTE TO READER FROM TRANSCRIPTIONIST: Please note that my transcripts are USUALLY from the previous day's conversations. Sometimes you'll notice a morning conversation transcript posted the same day, but in the evening. However, you will also notice transcripts from conversations held two or three days prior to the present time. It just depends on what my professional schedule entails each day. Also, most transcripts will be posted in the mornings when most, if not all, of the houseguests are still sleeping. It gives you, the fans of BB and Jokers Updates, something to read while nothing is going on in the house. I am a court reporter so I work during the day quite often, but I record the feeds and transcribe some of the conversations to give you a very in-depth and real feel for what's occurring in the house. I am a certified machine shorthand reporter. I certify that the transcripts I produce are true, correct and verbatim to the best of my professional ability. Thank you.
Friday Conversation - After Janelle wins America's Choice to visit the cast of "Two And A Half Men" - Maggie, April and Ivette take this opportunity to bash Janelle loudly without worry of Janelle's ability to hear. Let the "Janellousy" begin...
APRIL: ...America's Choice --
MAGGIE: [Laughs.].
APRIL: -- because Howie just left last night.
IVETTE: Apparently, this America's Choice has been in the bag for a while and it's not America's choice.
APRIL: Yeah. Yeah. How did they already -- you know what I'm trying to say? Like, hello? Howie just left last night. So this would have had to be like less than a 24-hour America's Choice.
IVETTE: Well, this is the deal --
MAGGIE: No, but they didn't ever list the choices, so it could have -- that could have worked --
IVETTE: Who do you want to see on there, and then you just pick. Or Howie could have been up in the running, but Howie never was even here so it didn't even matter, or Howie could have gone up and [inaudible word] got the second amount -- most amount of votes.
MAGGIE: Yeah, that is a little weird, isn't it?
APRIL: Yeah.
IVETTE: I don't give a rat's ass. F*ck all of you. Portray me like a big b*tch. Portray me like a horrible, loud, Latin b*tch.
APRIL: Look at the camera turn. It's like "no, thanks."
MAGGIE: I can't do it.
IVETTE: Good. Good.
MAGGIE: What the f*ck do you [Camera Guy] have to look at over there?
IVETTE: Because being nice hasn't paid off anyways, so what do I care? Might as well be a b*tch and say how I love to suck d*ck, which I don't.
[NOTE: Transcriptionist trying very hard to continue being neutral and bite my tongue -- or should I say "bite my fingers"?]
IVETTE: Sorry, Mom. [Short pause.] Sorry. Sorry about my vulgar mouth. That was black and scary back there, too, by the way.
APRIL: It was weird seeing that person. I'm like...
MAGGIE: You saw Shawn. That's so exciting.
APRIL: She didn't look too happy.
APRIL: She wasn't smiling or anything.
IVETTE: She can't. What is she going to do [imitates an extremely excited person] "Hi."
MAGGIE: Yes. I would if I were her.
APRIL: I would be smiling.
IVETTE: Do you think it was her?
APRIL: I know it was.
MAGGIE: She saw her.
APRIL: I saw.
MAGGIE: Hugs and kisses, Shawn.
[When reading Ivette's words below - or all three for that matter - really think of Ivette saying all of this in a very facetious manner.]
IVETTE: ...a mouse, whatever -- a -- whatever you want to call me. F*cking possum at this point. I don't give a sh*t. Ohhhh. I want to take me and all my rosaries and all my f*cking saints and everything and get the hell out of here.
APRIL: Maybe they feel sorry for her because --
IVETTE: Because why? She started --
APRIL: Her family doesn't care [catches herself and stops in midsentence] -- I don't know.
MAGGIE: [Laughs.] She almost said it.
APRIL: I don't know. I don't know. Guys, we don't, like, who they're interviewing out there for us. Maybe she hasn't had anyone interviewed. Maybe her family hasn't had time to interview with them. They -- people feel sorry for her.
IVETTE: No. No. April, no.
MAGGIE: Maybe they're --
IVETTE: There is no ifs, ands or buts about it. You, Maggie and myself are huge b*tches.
MAGGIE: [Laughs.]
IVETTE: And she is the sweetheart. She is America's sweetheart, and we are the f*cking jealous b*tches.
APRIL: [Laughs.].
IVETTE: Do you realize that?
APRIL: I mean, I'm married. I could care less about her.
IVETTE: You are the f*cking blond --
APRIL: Wannabe Janelle?
IVETTE: -- wannabe Janelle.
MAGGIE: [Laughs.]
IVETTE: I am hating because I'm not the blond bombshell. And Maggie's hating because she's not as sexy as the blond bombshell. We're f*cking haters.
MAGGIE: I've never said that, though.
IVETTE: We are haters. Do you think I have f*cking said that I want to be a fake f*cking blond with fake t*ts and extensions? Do you think I've said that?
MAGGIE: [Laughs.].
IVETTE: Give me a f*cking break. This hair is mine. Okay? These t*ts are mine. Do you think I've said that I want to be made up like a Barbie? No. I'm a damn proud carpet muncher. Okay?
MAGGIE: I don't know what to do. Can we just walk out?
APRIL: All three of us, when she gets back, they'll be like, "Okay. You won the $500,000. The other three walked out. There's no second place prize." [Laughs at herself, no one else laughing.]
MAGGIE: That's right.
IVETTE: So ladies...
IVETTE: Let's not give them any more pleasure in Janelle bash, I guess. Let's just f*cking sit in these miserable next 10 days, because whatever prize is coming, we ain't getting it, so we might as well just start clapping for Janelle beforehand.
MAGGIE: "Everyone, we're opening the safe." "Great, have fun, Janelle."
IVETTE: Seriously. "Just everybody step back. Just everybody step back."
MAGGIE: Quarters, let her get them all. I can shake my head.
IVETTE: Tell me you're not going to f*cking laugh about it at this point. Let's play volleyball.
APRIL: I don't want to.
MAGGIE: I'll play.
IVETTE: Come on.
MAGGIE: April, you got a lot of coordination. You gotta play with us. [Giggles.]
APRIL: But it's two against one.
IVETTE: It doesn't matter if Janelle drinks Dom Perignon all night and is vomiting tomorrow, she'll still win the Veto. So let's just play and have fun.
[April goes to the Storage Room to see if BB has left the three girls "a present." She finds wine, but is not happy because she doesn't drink wine.]
APRIL: Thanks, BB. Can we get some beer, BB? I don't drink this. I don't like wine. Can we get some beer, BB? [Walks back outside where Maggie and Ivette are already playing volleyball.]
APRIL: Hey, Maggie! Maggie!
MAGGIE: Want to get wasted?
APRIL: White wine?
MAGGIE: What's there? They're both white?
APRIL: This is sparkling cidar. I asked for beer, too.
MAGGIE: Okay. Yeah, I'll drink white wine. I don't care. You don't like white wine?
APRIL: Let's do it in a minute.
[Ivette imitating a cheerleader, chanting and cheering.].
MAGGIE: F*ck!!!!!
APRIL: Don't even look at me, BB. I don't want you looking at me. Y'all can all go and screw yourselves. This has been planned. This was preplanned.
[Volleyball Talk. End of Transcription.]
NOTE: I will be posting next some of today's happenings. I finally have a couple days off, so be looking for more verbatim transcripts over the weekend. Also, please let me know if you would be interested in good coversations that are a week old. I will happily transcribe them if I know people are interested in them. Or would those transcripts not be of interest or irrelevant now? It's up to you. If you would like some more transcripts from the past, just let me know, and I will be happy to oblige!
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pkruger - Thanks for this!! NT #2452007 7:28AM 11/09/2005
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Topic #2448203
abbybb - Jan asked Apr if Mag is a person of her word and Apr said "Yes. If you ask Mag something and she doesn't answer, you know why." NT 0 Replies #2448203 8:45PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2448227
Sluggo - Ivette and Maggie take a break from bashing Janelle to bash April 0 Replies #2448227 8:46PM 10/09/2005
Maggie says how offended she was that Janie told April that America doesn't hate her, but didn't say anything to her (Maggie), implying that she's an a**hole. They discuss how ironic that is, since April's trashed Janelle more viciously than anybody.
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Topic #2448231
abbybb - Jan wonders if they'll show the clip of Iv's reaction after winning PoV and Apr says I'll be going in a wk and I'll tell them." NT 0 Replies #2448231 8:46PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2448234
scoobydoo - Janelle says Ivette was very rude to Rachel. NT 0 Replies #2448234 8:46PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2448242
abbybb - Apr says when she looks back at all the evictions she made, Iv was behind them. NT 0 Replies #2448242 8:47PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2448269
scoobydoo - Janelle talking about Ivette complaining about Rachel using too many 0 Replies #2448269 8:48PM 10/09/2005
banana when making banana bread. janelle thought that was stupid and petty
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Topic #2448270
HalleyG - Ivette and Maggie in barracks on beds: 1 Replies #2448270 8:48PM 10/09/2005
Ivette is upset that now when April may be leaving she prefers to spend time with Janelle who April says is a huge liar, when she needs to be comforted. That they had promised each other this week would be fun, and its not.

Maggie mentioning that she was standing in kitchen with Janie and April earlier. They were talking about the AC, Janelle says that perhaps America doesnt like the s*** talkers in the house, and she says to April "I dont think you are one of them". Maggie says that it made her mad that Janelle basically said she was a s*** talker. Ivette is upset by this because April is one of the biggest s***talkers about Janelle... she is the one who calls her smelly nelly. Maggie says she doesnt want to talk about this anymore that it is upseting her stomach.

Now they are talking about shopping, how April probably wont want to go. Maggie says they can go to starbucks and sit. Ivette says she wants to go to venice beach... the four of them can go... Ivette, Maggie Eric and Julie.

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bama_chevygal - the 4 Ivette was referring to was: Ivette & Tushy, Maggie & Dave, then said well Eric will be there too so Eric & Julie can come too NT #2448983 9:36PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2448272
abbybb - Jan tells Apr that Jam told Rac that Iv was angry b/c Rach used too many bananas to make banana bread.. 0 Replies #2448272 8:48PM 10/09/2005
Jan says, "I said enough is enough. That's ridiculous."
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Topic #2448292
Sluggo - Iv and Mag turn to more innocent matters, places they'd like to visit, etc. Banal chitchat. NT 0 Replies #2448292 8:49PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2448308
scoobydoo - April says outside of the house, she is a strong person 0 Replies #2448308 8:50PM 10/09/2005
says she hasn't cried this much in 10 years. In the outside world, she'll walk away from people who give negative vibes or hurt her feelings. Says she doesn't know what to believe anymore, what not to believe. Ready to get out of here
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Topic #2448316
abbybb - Apr saying that looking back, she should have stood up and spoke up b/c outside of her she's a strong leader.. 0 Replies #2448316 8:50PM 10/09/2005
and she walks away from people like Iv. She says she feels like she's been...."I don't know." Says she's ready to get out of here and watch the tapes and see if she was manipulated.

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Topic #2448344
abbybb - Jan saying that she wanted Iv gone, not Beau.. "We could have gotten Iv out but How wanted Beau gone." NT 0 Replies #2448344 8:52PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2448365
abbybb - Apr saying that her husband is going to kick her in the butt...she wanted Beau to stay. 0 Replies #2448365 8:54PM 10/09/2005
Jan: "Why did you vote him up."

Apr: I guess I wanted Iv to stay since she came her first and then brought Beau in.
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Topic #2448372
Mirage - Iv is telling M what she bought at Venice beach and it includes 3 glass pipes for Tush (stage whisper, so we can hear.) Mag had just mentioned 0 Replies #2448372 8:54PM 10/09/2005
that she has told her parents that she would probably have a better memory, if it wasn't for weed.

Iv tells Maggie that when at the Fight Club (pre-show sequester) on about day 6 of 10 days, they got to go on a field trip w/ their handlers. It appears that she saw Janelle and she 'may' have said Michael. This part is kind of vague in that they all were on their own and each had a handler. Some other items purchased were a silver purse and belts (2 for $10)/
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Topic #2448400
abbybb - Jan saying that the audience was yelling stuff about Iv. Apr asks if they said anything about her and Mags and she said no. 0 Replies #2448400 8:55PM 10/09/2005
Apr says "You can tell me what they said." She said "No." Apr prods more and then we get fish....!!!
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Topic #2448434
abbybb - Apr says she can leave knowing she's never been nominated for eviction and that says something about her NT 0 Replies #2448434 8:58PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2448445
abbybb - apr tells jan that she's not talking to iv NT 0 Replies #2448445 8:58PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2448518
abbybb - Jan telling apr that james is the reason why eric is gone..iv was the one who was supposed to be gone NT 0 Replies #2448518 9:04PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2448529
abbybb - apr wonders if eric was still there, would he still be tight w/ Iv NT 0 Replies #2448529 9:04PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2448541
abbybb - jan says she keeps telling iv that if eric hadn't be gone, it would have been her but she doesn't get it NT 0 Replies #2448541 9:05PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2448573
abbybb - apr saying the reason why she took on Iv is b/c she was nice to her in first weeks and saying they were alike NT 0 Replies #2448573 9:07PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2448585
abbybb - apr saying that iv would accuse her of being safe with Sov b/c she took Jan off... NT 0 Replies #2448585 9:08PM 10/09/2005
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Topic #2448629
abbybb - apr telling jan to give it her all. jan says it's not about the $ but it's about who she doesn't want to win the $ NT 0 Replies #2448629 9:10PM 10/09/2005
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