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pokey_ally A/M finishing up nachos to cook; J looking at picture wall; I in BY rocking in hammock NT 0 5:04PM 12/09/2005
pokey_ally Iv checked on laundry, then came inside to let A know her stuff may be done. All HGs in kitchen. Not much conversation going on right now. NT 0 5:09PM 12/09/2005
serac maggie, april and janelle eating outside. NT 0 5:19PM 12/09/2005
serac ivette laying on the hammock. NT 0 5:20PM 12/09/2005
fnfish Backyard Nachos chatter, A, M, J 1 5:28PM 12/09/2005
fnfish Feeds return from fish and we have Ivette watching the pics on memory wall (of Jan @ 2.5 men) NT 0 5:31PM 12/09/2005
fnfish Now Ivette is alone playing coasters in the LR. NT 2 5:32PM 12/09/2005
serac ivette is looking at the pics of janelles day out. 0 5:32PM 12/09/2005
serac april asking bb for beer as well. NT 0 5:34PM 12/09/2005
serac maggie asking if she was working it? 0 5:37PM 12/09/2005
serac april asked if they ever called her a hick in the dr. 0 5:39PM 12/09/2005
PawPrint74 TRANSCRIPT - Sunday, 9/11/05 - April To Maggie About Ivette - Later, The Infamous CAT FIGHT Between Ivette and April JUICY - TRANSCRIPT 0 5:47PM 12/09/2005
Disneyisme RECAP of the day.... 0 5:58PM 12/09/2005
Steveman68 Had fish for a few minutes; now no HG's are seen on any feed NT 0 6:09PM 12/09/2005
GreenEyes Feeds are back... but show only empty rooms of the house. No HG's, no voices...erie... NT 0 6:09PM 12/09/2005
joshuajared2000 Blackout affects BB, *ignore*sorry hit the refresh button 0 6:09PM 12/09/2005
Panda4 Fish since approx. 6:00p.m. NT 0 6:09PM 12/09/2005
Woolly no HG's on feeds. Keep showing the bunny , the memory wall and the picture disks NT 0 6:09PM 12/09/2005
Woolly All HG's just came out of DR NT 0 6:16PM 12/09/2005
imnotpunk Janelle trips over her wire and falls on the floor, HGs go to feed the fish NT 1 6:17PM 12/09/2005
imnotpunk April and Janelle having fun feeding the fish, Maggie watches. Ivette has returned to the MBR to pout more NT 0 6:21PM 12/09/2005
kaysar_and_janie janie got on the chair with april to see how she feeds the fish, and janie said, "oh, that reeks....oh, wait, that's you." (lol) 0 6:23PM 12/09/2005
imnotpunk Maggie: I love being naked! NT 0 6:25PM 12/09/2005
imnotpunk Janelle asking April which fish belong to who...every fish has a name! Janelle wants "Teddy" NT 0 6:30PM 12/09/2005
kaysar_and_janie ivette is working on a riddle that maggie gave her. NT 0 6:31PM 12/09/2005
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