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Wow, Ivette just threw a big tantrum because she was put in checkmate by Janelle! - jaysarfan_bb6
12:17AM 16/09/2005

Correction to update from last night: Maggie did not live in Russia, Janelle did as an exchange student in Russia during her senior year in HS NT - Hammock_Fall
12:33AM 16/09/2005

LOL -- Maggie just asked how many weeks were in a year - someone said 65 and then someone agreed ! NT - Jabbasan
12:47AM 16/09/2005
No, Maggie said there was 65 weeks per year. Then she asked, "Right?" Janelle was laying on a bed barely listening and said "Mmmm" NT - crayons
2:11PM 16/09/2005

Everyone's Asleep. NT - Insomniac
2:29AM 16/09/2005

maggie mumbling really loudly in sleep, using her hands animatedly. wakes janie up. maggie not awake. NT - kaysar_and_janie
4:15AM 16/09/2005

Still catching their beauty rest . NT - Kahhli
6:09AM 16/09/2005

bb is loud. sounds like he/she/they are in the house. suprised the hg's don't wake up. NT - kaysar_and_janie
7:58AM 16/09/2005

Maggie hobbles out of bed, heads to the BR .. still seems to be in pain from Part 1 of HOH Comp. NT - Kahhli
8:52AM 16/09/2005

Maggie heads back to bed , Ivette and Janie still sleeping NT - Kahhli
8:56AM 16/09/2005

Ivette is up puts on mic NT - symmadownow
9:20AM 16/09/2005

Iv playing solitaire on the floor in front of HGs pics NT - symmadownow
9:33AM 16/09/2005

Fish NT - symmadownow
9:57AM 16/09/2005

11:30 pm 12:30 am BBT Maggie/Ivette playing cards and the ~40 minute chess match between Ivette & Janelle - CougarSpy
10:11AM 16/09/2005

Getting ready for lockdown in HOH room... - pademida
10:33AM 16/09/2005
Mag & Iv playing cards while eating. NT - pademida
10:37AM 16/09/2005

Fish NT - pademida
10:36AM 16/09/2005
bb playing music NT - lilyann
10:37AM 16/09/2005
Still fish NT - Bonita
11:31AM 16/09/2005

**FISH** For An Hour And A Half Now NT - TheRealDeal
11:59AM 16/09/2005

From last night ~12:40 - 1:40ish am BBT - Maggie, Ivette and Janelle in main bedroom talking about lots of stuff. - CougarSpy
12:20PM 16/09/2005

Fish - Zweebe
12:32PM 16/09/2005

**FISH** For Over Two Hours Now NT - TheRealDeal
12:45PM 16/09/2005

Nothing has Changed! Fish - Zweebe
12:52PM 16/09/2005
Still fish!! - phillygal4
1:08PM 16/09/2005

feeds up NT - Woolly
1:20PM 16/09/2005

BACK ON! NT - Zweebe
1:20PM 16/09/2005
They seem to still be in HOH lockdown.. Mag & Iv still playing cards NT - pademida
1:22PM 16/09/2005

I am M playing cards J in bathroom NT - Woolly
1:21PM 16/09/2005

They are still locked down in HoH, Janie in BR drying hair, Iv and Mag playing cards at the table NT - ostra
1:21PM 16/09/2005

Ivette lost track of what she was doing for a second (cards) NT - Zweebe
1:22PM 16/09/2005

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