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Maggie back from DR, says they'll have another lockdown outside this time, starts in 10 mins, lasts for about 20 - ostra
2:21PM 16/09/2005

housequests are 2 minutes from being locked out! NT - Zweebe
2:23PM 16/09/2005

FISH! are back NT - Zweebe
2:25PM 16/09/2005

still got fish....lockdown in BY NT - Janie4BB6winner
2:46PM 16/09/2005

Still fish..anyone know what they are doing? NT - littleefan
2:54PM 16/09/2005

lockdown in BY....in prep for tonite show NT - Janie4BB6winner
3:18PM 16/09/2005

houseguests are getting ready for tonight NT - Zweebe
3:23PM 16/09/2005

Maggie and Ivette are in the shower NT - Zweebe
3:27PM 16/09/2005

Ivette and Maggie are doing their makeup and hair and not speaking NT - CIAO
3:44PM 16/09/2005

HG are still getting ready for tonite NT - Janie4BB6winner
4:12PM 16/09/2005

Janelle is freaking out that she will never be ready in time for show NT - luvinjanie
4:12PM 16/09/2005

Iv to M- "If I get this you just won $500,000." NT - Kaysaaarrr
4:14PM 16/09/2005
Maggie: "That's not true." NT - Kaysaaarrr
4:15PM 16/09/2005

HG's getting ready for live show. NT - erniebert
4:34PM 16/09/2005

Mag and Iv embrace. Mag: I love you. Ive: I love you too. - Elika
4:46PM 16/09/2005
I don't ever want to disappoint you..... NT - Janie4BB6winner
4:49PM 16/09/2005

Mag and Iv just waiting for show to start. Jan in bathroom. Mag/Iv go outside. NT - Elika
4:48PM 16/09/2005

Mag: we've played this entire game together. We've got this. - Elika
4:49PM 16/09/2005

mag giving Ive pep talk. Remember the faces of the HG, etc. We've got this down. - Elika
4:51PM 16/09/2005

fish again.......going down NH NT - Janie4BB6winner
4:52PM 16/09/2005
UPDATES ONLY?? NT - dianasto51
11:08AM 17/09/2005

Fish. Show's about to start. NT - ILuvJanie
4:52PM 16/09/2005

Fish again... NT - GreenEyes
4:53PM 16/09/2005

Ivette Is Final HOH... :( NT - Insomniac
5:48PM 16/09/2005

ivette evicts janie NT - Janie4BB6winner
5:52PM 16/09/2005

Feeds return with Mag and Iv still hugging, now looking at the memory wall. Maggie thanks Iv. NT - ktan
6:02PM 16/09/2005

BB VOICE: Ivette Houseguests, the diary room is now availible - Seny
6:13PM 16/09/2005

Ivette and Maggie cover the money Table with Towel or sheet its blue.. NT - missellie
6:14PM 16/09/2005

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