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caroljean Ivette - Ooooh Maggie - Maggie It's almost over NT 0 1:30PM 20/09/2005
caroljean Maggie picking zits - I've never had so many blackheads in my life NT 0 1:43PM 20/09/2005
caroljean Maggie plucking eyebrows - Ivette in shower NT 0 1:44PM 20/09/2005
caroljean Ivette cuts her "hood" in shower - Maggies says she's never cut her hood NT 0 1:47PM 20/09/2005
bbaddict2005 ivette in shower (adult) 0 1:48PM 20/09/2005
caroljean Maggie says "I smell - I'm going to have to wait a while, you've been in there so long" NT 0 1:48PM 20/09/2005
caroljean Ivette still showering, Maggie on bathroom floor playing solitare NT 0 1:50PM 20/09/2005
caroljean Ivette still shower, Maggie asks are you cold, is the water cold NT 1 1:51PM 20/09/2005
caroljean Ivette - says -and folks this is a wrap, suds up face, still showering though! NT 0 1:53PM 20/09/2005
ostra Ivette out of the shower, Maggie stays on the floor playing some pyramid solittaire, she says she's gonna wait another 30 mins for hot water NT 0 2:00PM 20/09/2005
caroljean Ivette out of shower, Maggie says she's waiting a half hour - Ivette 0 2:01PM 20/09/2005
ostra Maggie shuffling cards, she hears a camera moving and looks at it giving us her famous deer in the headlight look NT 0 2:03PM 20/09/2005
caroljean Maggie still on bathroom floor with cards, asks Ivette You gonnna start 0 2:05PM 20/09/2005
joannie Ivette: "I hafta pee... 0 2:07PM 20/09/2005
caroljean Ivette says I have to pee - I hate that when I just get out of the shower - Maggie says Why? NT 0 2:07PM 20/09/2005
caroljean Maggie gets up leaves bathroom says to Ivette - your spray is getting in my nose 0 2:09PM 20/09/2005
joannie Feeds 2 and 4 show the money table 0 2:09PM 20/09/2005
caroljean Ivette blow drying her hair - Maggie says What you blow dry other people want, you know the curls NT 0 2:11PM 20/09/2005
joannie Ivette blow-dries her hair 0 2:12PM 20/09/2005
ostra Maggie in the bedroom laying out on the bed her choice of clothing for tonight, she was ironing that earlier, puts the board and iron away NT 0 2:18PM 20/09/2005
ostra Maggie in the shower now, Ivette blow drying her hair, Maggie yelling I can taste it! Freedom!! NT 0 2:43PM 20/09/2005
caroljean Ivette still blow drying her hair - 30 minutes of blow drying so far NT 0 2:45PM 20/09/2005
caroljean Maggie says from shower - Your hair is smoking! Ivette says uhmmm 1 2:48PM 20/09/2005
caroljean Ivette checks the time - says two hours - sweet- more blow-drying NT 1 2:52PM 20/09/2005
Maryellen Fish on all feeds NT 0 3:03PM 20/09/2005
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