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CougarSpy Ivette finally goes to the bedroom, takes off her mike and crawls in bed. It appears Maggie is fast asleep. NT 0 12:15AM 20/09/2005
smashedskittles Ivette up at table drinking OJ then staring at the fish awhile, now back in bed. NT 0 5:49AM 20/09/2005
smashedskittles F1, 3, & 4 on the sleepers... F2 is dark and it kinda looks like rain. NT 1 6:33AM 20/09/2005
pooh5983 looks like we are going to have rain for the last show. Everyone is still sleeping NT 0 8:32AM 20/09/2005
SoftTail Both are awake and are feeding fish for the last time. NT 0 10:04AM 20/09/2005
John_DK_ F2 awake, feeding the fish. Last day :) NT 0 10:04AM 20/09/2005
bbfaninaz Maggie and Ivette went into the Diary Room to ask BB some questions NT 0 10:20AM 20/09/2005
John_DK_ Both out from the DR. Also, Mag said it had stopped raining. NT 0 10:27AM 20/09/2005
amynyc Mag and Ivette playing cards at kitchen counter. Ivette wants to see what everyone has to say tonight. Maggie says that she doesn't want to hear what 0 11:19AM 20/09/2005
John_DK_ Fish for a short time. Back, and F2 goes into the HoH, seems 2 be a lockdown. NT 0 11:33AM 20/09/2005
caroljean Maggie saying emphatically that Ivette's decision was the only 0 11:48AM 20/09/2005
caroljean They're still playing cards - Maggie says uh oh I'm going to ***** 0 11:55AM 20/09/2005
BBBoobies Who is the male voice you can hear? NT 0 11:56AM 20/09/2005
caroljean Ivette asking Maggie if April said she'd vote for her, Maggie says 0 12:00PM 20/09/2005
caroljean Maggie is puking - I'm more nervous than I thought she says from the bathroom with puking noises NT 0 12:03PM 20/09/2005
amynyc 11:20- 12Still playing cards. Ivette: this is crazy. Mag: 5 &1 /2 more hours. Ivette: I think I am going to be so nervous, I'm already getting nervous 0 12:04PM 20/09/2005
caroljean Maggie and David use condoms "I don't want any sperm gettin up there" NT 0 12:05PM 20/09/2005
caroljean Maggie lets out a loud burp and says I just spit on myself then says 0 12:08PM 20/09/2005
caroljean Ivette says she's excited about seeing her family and Maggie 0 12:09PM 20/09/2005
caroljean Maggie yelling at Ivette to grow some balls - wanting her to break rule and 0 12:10PM 20/09/2005
caroljean Maggie yells out Oh my god Tush I can't wait to talk to you you poor thing 0 12:13PM 20/09/2005
caroljean card shuffling card shuffling Maggie says Oh great I have a big white zit on my face NT 0 12:15PM 20/09/2005
caroljean Maggies grandma used to drink peaches and milk, olive and cream 0 12:18PM 20/09/2005
caroljean Ivette playing solitare Maggie says good job and loud burp NT 0 12:21PM 20/09/2005
caroljean Maggie asks do you think they purposely lie to us about time 0 12:22PM 20/09/2005
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