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KaySeeDubya Sheila is sitting by herself drinking coffee. NT 0 9:13AM 13/02/2008
KaySeeDubya Alex and Amanda are awake and now snuggling. . NT 0 9:16AM 13/02/2008
Roxystar Alex and Amanda spooing on cam 3 and 4 Sheila still sitting by herself at the knook NT 0 9:20AM 13/02/2008
Roxystar Alex and Amanda no longer cuddling. Alex rustling around in the bed getting comfy. 0 9:24AM 13/02/2008
KaySeeDubya FOTH NT 0 9:29AM 13/02/2008
KaySeeDubya Good morning houseguests, it is time to get up for the day. Somebody groans "Nooo" NT 0 9:37AM 13/02/2008
Nicole89 Good Morning houseguests its time to get up for the day NT 0 9:37AM 13/02/2008
KaySeeDubya Amanda is downstairs. Alex is washing up. NT 0 9:37AM 13/02/2008
KaySeeDubya Matt is up and brushing his teeth. NT 0 9:38AM 13/02/2008
KaySeeDubya Amanda and Josh were chatting in the storage room. I couldn't really make out what they were saying. Ryan and Alison are up, but still lying down. NT 0 9:41AM 13/02/2008
KaySeeDubya Natalie is shown walking around and FOTH once again. NT 0 9:42AM 13/02/2008
KaySeeDubya Josh and Neil are brushing their teeth. Matt is still in there talking about his dream. I couldn't really understand him, but I think he said 0 9:45AM 13/02/2008
KaySeeDubya Ryan and Jen are lying together and talking. NT 0 9:47AM 13/02/2008
KaySeeDubya All four cameras on Jen & Ryan 0 9:49AM 13/02/2008
KaySeeDubya Ryan leaves. James is up and brieftly talks to Jen about the alcohol last night. Chelsia appears to be out of bed. Jen is told to go to DR. NT 1 9:52AM 13/02/2008
KaySeeDubya Matt & Parker are hitting sleeping people with pillows. NT 0 10:09AM 13/02/2008
Kimmy1971 Nat in the bathroom alone drying her hair 0 10:23AM 13/02/2008
Gorf Jen and Ryan wrestling, Jen ripped most of her Nail off and is showing people NT 0 10:27AM 13/02/2008
KaySeeDubya Neil, Chelsia, Parker, James, and Matt are in the bedroom talking about bugs and snakes. NT 0 10:38AM 13/02/2008
bbshannon Amanda and Jen cooking food...Josh pouring him and Ryan some juice NT 0 10:42AM 13/02/2008
bbshannon Alex talking about memorabilia..I think a hockey stick with Josh 1 10:46AM 13/02/2008
bbshannon They think they are building something outside, they are on lockdown 0 10:48AM 13/02/2008
bbshannon Alex: There are so many milk drinkers in this house..more milk talk. Milk with pizza..etc NT 0 10:50AM 13/02/2008
Hippiebitch James, Matt Parker and Neil talking bout 6th street in Austin where the kid from RW got his "a s beat" NT 0 10:54AM 13/02/2008
bbshannon Jen can't work the coffee maker and has apparently broke her microphone NT 1 10:54AM 13/02/2008
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