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bbshannon They are all telling Alison to calm down and slow down 0 12:01AM 13/02/2008
bbshannon Ryan comes out and says him and Parker are fine NT 0 12:03AM 13/02/2008
bbshannon They have a few days until nominations, they think they'll kill eachother before then 0 12:05AM 13/02/2008
bbshannon Amanda changing clothes on feeds 3 and 4, Parker and Jen talking on feed 1 and 2 NT 1 12:06AM 13/02/2008
bbshannon Alison can't get into the room where Jen and Parker are 1 12:11AM 13/02/2008
bbshannon Matt talking to Chelsia at the kitchen table 0 12:14AM 13/02/2008
croatian Alex and Amanda in HOH taking a bath together.. 2 12:19AM 13/02/2008
Hippiebitch Alex to Am - people dont like you... we put our ass in front of mirrors... you can do that all ya want I enjoy lookin at it like the rest of America 0 12:25AM 13/02/2008
bbshannon BB tells Alex to stop singing! He was singing "rubadubdub" He says "are you serious!? sorry dude" 0 12:28AM 13/02/2008
KennyN Alex asks Amanda if they can spoon tonight. He says spooning leads to forking. "You can go fork yourself." NT 0 12:30AM 13/02/2008
bbshannon Alex asks Amanda what spooning leads to? 0 12:33AM 13/02/2008
bbshannon Alex says if Amanda doesn't kiss him tonight, shes gonna have a dangerous sleep 0 12:35AM 13/02/2008
bbshannon Alex would not have sex with Sheila, says there would be mothballs everywhere 2 12:38AM 13/02/2008
bbshannon Alex gets into bed in his blue boxer briefs, Amanda leans over the railing and says goodnight to everyone 2 12:47AM 13/02/2008
EvelDickthebest Its only 1 am and most hg's are sleeping NT 1 12:51AM 13/02/2008
bbshannon Amanda: I can't sleep Alex: Then go walk around Amanda: I dont like anyone 0 12:56AM 13/02/2008
KennyN Alex says "it's like 4,000 degrees. Can you lower the air, please?!" NT 0 12:56AM 13/02/2008
bbshannon Parker and Chelsia chatting in boat room 1 1:01AM 13/02/2008
KingMac Chelsia telling Praker you are screwed 0 1:01AM 13/02/2008
KingMac Allison says her and parker need another twist bad! NT 0 1:03AM 13/02/2008
bbshannon All 4 feeds back on HOH, Alex and Amanda chatting with lights off in bed 0 1:09AM 13/02/2008
KennyN Alex tells Amanda that if she talks to Jen, make it only about their personal lives, not game/strategy. (more) 0 1:11AM 13/02/2008
bbshannon Alex keeps calling Amanda a fat ass and making fun of her voice 0 1:14AM 13/02/2008
PeachesInMich Ryan and Jen were chatting and then FOTH NT 0 1:45AM 13/02/2008
PeachesInMich Feeds switched to Alex and Amanda laying in bed chatting NT 0 1:47AM 13/02/2008
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