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EWWW Matt Tells Nat DONT STOP! (she is giving him a blow job) NT - KingMac
1:09AM 15/02/2008

Matt said "don't stop" but she is asking him questions NT - scandalous
1:09AM 15/02/2008

Matt tells Nat to go shut the door while he smiles at the cam NT - scandalous
1:10AM 15/02/2008

You an hear th slurp slurp and gagging sounds NT - taff2
1:13AM 15/02/2008

1:14AM 15/02/2008

You can hear swallowing noises under the covers, he tells her to slow it down, Matt keeps looking over at Adam & Sheila to see if they move or wake - scandalous
1:14AM 15/02/2008

Now the covers are going up and down veary fast. NT - KingMac
1:16AM 15/02/2008

He jerks veary quick he just cums on the sheets, Nat says we gott wash those sheets. NT - KingMac
1:17AM 15/02/2008

Matt made some serious "faces" and now shakes his head that he came... - scandalous
1:19AM 15/02/2008

Matt just mouthed the word "f******ck" to the camera NT - scandalous
1:20AM 15/02/2008

Nat hugs him and smiles Matt moves away like he does not want to touch her and tells her not to get attached to him - KingMac
1:21AM 15/02/2008

Matt tells Nat he's gonna sleep the other way and Matt give the camera a huge smile NT - KingMac
1:24AM 15/02/2008

All Hous Guests Asleep. NT - KingMac
1:33AM 15/02/2008

FOTH NT - eyedah14
3:44AM 15/02/2008

Feeds back HG still sleep. NT - eyedah14
3:53AM 15/02/2008

All HGs still asleep, lots of snoring going on. NT - Shadow46and2
8:45AM 15/02/2008

bb, HG its time to get up for the day .... HG plz report to the HoH Bedroom. Matt Mumbles- this is bullsh...FLAMES NT - Hippiebitch
8:50AM 15/02/2008

BB...I really need you guys to go upstairs right now... theres a bathroom upstairs ya can brush ya teeth up there - Hippiebitch
8:58AM 15/02/2008

HG's brushing there teeth, Natalie brushing hers the hardest. NT - KingMac
8:58AM 15/02/2008

NAt talking bout one of the wake up songs lyrics, "my bicycle doesnt have a seat" cracked her up NT - Hippiebitch
9:01AM 15/02/2008

Flames NT - Hippiebitch
9:01AM 15/02/2008

Parker describing the shower scene from Carrie to the HoH room NT - Hippiebitch
9:04AM 15/02/2008

Sheila talking bout a radio station that plays nothing but Sinatra she used to listen to when she was younger NT - Hippiebitch
9:08AM 15/02/2008

Nat claims to be a "good rule listener" when told no movie lines by She. 4 days and shes been good. NT - Hippiebitch
9:09AM 15/02/2008

More flames NT - Hippiebitch
9:10AM 15/02/2008

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