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Allison tells Sheila/Amanda that she's only watched one season (BB8). This is her first year applying. NT - KennyN
3:57PM 15/02/2008
Sheila also said she didn't apply she just ended up "here". NT - ccquilter
4:04PM 15/02/2008

Allison, Sheila and Amanda in the bathroom - Sheila is going through M names in here family NT - ccquilter
4:03PM 15/02/2008

A few minutes ago Sheila and Allison talked about both of them running every day - ccquilter
4:05PM 15/02/2008

Allison said her apartment is 500 or so square feet and her rent is 1700 / month - ccquilter
4:08PM 15/02/2008

Josh, Sheila, and Allison talk about the vote. - SouthernBelladonna
5:40PM 15/02/2008

Josh says it's "a done deal" It will be 3-1 J/P leaving. Sheila says she hopes it works out. - SouthernBelladonna
5:44PM 15/02/2008

Ali is coaching Sheila in what to say to convince the others that she is voting out R/A. Josh joins them. - SouthernBelladonna
5:50PM 15/02/2008

Josh says Ryan needs to think he's going home so he won't let Jen in on the plan. NT - SouthernBelladonna
5:52PM 15/02/2008

All 4 cameras on Josh and Sharon - they are sharing personal info about... - caren
6:12PM 15/02/2008

All 4 cameras to Amanda and Parker in bed NT - caren
6:13PM 15/02/2008
Parker is referring to someone as.. - caren
6:13PM 15/02/2008

Now Amanda and Jen are in the SR, talking about their skin, how the water is drying it out. NT - caren
6:15PM 15/02/2008

Amanda claims someone tried to grab, touch and kiss her. NT - caren
6:16PM 15/02/2008

Feeds switch to the kitchen with Jen, Amanda and James checking out the halibut - caren
6:31PM 15/02/2008

More from Josh and Sharon's conversation... - caren
6:32PM 15/02/2008

Amanda and Jen in SR throwing away old/moldy food. - Snarf123
7:04PM 15/02/2008

All Feeds on Kitchen. They are discussing the next AllStars. - Snarf123
7:09PM 15/02/2008

F1&2 -- James teaching Josh how to play chess in LR. NT - Snarf123
7:13PM 15/02/2008

Around the Feeds. All hamsters up now and on camera except for Adam. - Snarf123
7:34PM 15/02/2008

Strategy talk between Nat and Sharon. - Snarf123
7:49PM 15/02/2008

Allison and Josh in the bedroom. Josh says he can't wait until Parker and Jen are gone. - Snarf123
7:55PM 15/02/2008

Hamsters all talking about their favorite board game of all time. NT - cat8mysn
8:11PM 15/02/2008

So ironic, Parker and Ryan comparing "cheat codes" for different games NT - cat8mysn
8:13PM 15/02/2008

Came in on the end of the conversation between Alli & Ryan; Alli said "she'll do ANYthing to stay"... - scandalous
8:44PM 15/02/2008

Matt told Alli, "straight up I cannot give you my vote" NT - scandalous
8:44PM 15/02/2008

Chelsia came in saying she hasn't talked to James yet. Matt said they probably won't use the veto..... - scandalous
8:47PM 15/02/2008

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