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SouthernBelladonna Ryan, Jen, and Parker discuss the comp. They say it was a stamina comp. NT 0 1:16PM 15/02/2008
SouthernBelladonna Matt tells Josh he did a good job hosting. Josh tells Matt that he looked hot during the comp., that his muscles were popping. 0 1:19PM 15/02/2008
SouthernBelladonna Jen and Ryan are lying on the bed in the boat room talking about the comp. 0 1:34PM 15/02/2008
scandalous This happened a little while ago, but I don't see it posted: Matt was talking to Parker in the bathroom & said... 0 1:45PM 15/02/2008
Melonie We now have the fireplace on all four feed NT 0 1:47PM 15/02/2008
BBInsider1 Matt just told Sheila that if he and Natalie can't agree whether to use the veto or not, then they will be nominated as well. NT 0 1:49PM 15/02/2008
Melonie Matt tells Sheila and Allison and Sharon he is not going to take anyone off the block. 0 1:50PM 15/02/2008
Melonie Sheila Allison and Sharon in the bathroom 0 1:56PM 15/02/2008
Melonie Sheila, Sharon, Allison in the bathroom 0 1:59PM 15/02/2008
Melonie Sheila says she doesnt trust anyone 0 2:02PM 15/02/2008
BBInsider1 Allison revealed to Sharon that during the HOH comp (which Jessica & Eric hosted), Jen was giving Allison the answers, but 0 2:03PM 15/02/2008
Melonie Allison is worried 0 2:10PM 15/02/2008
Melonie Allison has noticed that whenever Matty goes to anyone to talk strat he goes behind closed doors 0 2:14PM 15/02/2008
Melonie Chelsia tells Sheila and Amanda that Natalie promised her James, Josh and Sharon that they will not 0 2:16PM 15/02/2008
Melonie Indoor lockdown is now over NT 0 2:17PM 15/02/2008
Melonie Josh, Sharon and James in the hammock 0 2:25PM 15/02/2008
Melonie Josh says "The house is very happy today." 0 2:27PM 15/02/2008
Melonie Around the feeds.. 0 2:29PM 15/02/2008
Melonie Matt and Allison in the bathroom. Matt "I enjoyed you in my bed." 0 2:39PM 15/02/2008
Melonie Natalie and Sharon in the kitchen 0 2:41PM 15/02/2008
KingMac Parker and Matt talking Parker- I cant belive you had the balls to get a blow job on national tv! NT 0 2:45PM 15/02/2008
Melonie Parker and Matt in the bathroom 0 2:46PM 15/02/2008
Melonie Parker says when he finds out Sheila for sure said she doesn't owe them he is going to go up and call her a liar to her face. NT 0 2:50PM 15/02/2008
Melonie Adam tells Parker and Matty that he is not 100 percent sure what Sheila is going to do 0 2:54PM 15/02/2008
caren Sheila playing with Amanda's hair while Allison gets ready in the BR. NT 0 3:56PM 15/02/2008
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