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scandalous Matt says he's starting to feel sick (fluish); Nat stopped by to check on Mattie & Alli NT 0 8:48PM 15/02/2008
scandalous Matt & Alli again talking about how Nat said that Matt told her they'd go out after the show, he said the only reason was to stop her from... 0 8:52PM 15/02/2008
scandalous Sheila cries and says how she feels horrible, but that she and Adam will likely vote for them to leave after Park pulled the we saved you card NT 1 8:54PM 15/02/2008
MaddyP Amanda said her hand didn't fall off button (POV) joking it was rigged NT 0 9:03PM 15/02/2008
scandalous Josh jokes when he went by Alli & Matt on the couch that he was fingering her & when he pulled his hand out from the covers it smelled like halibut... 0 9:06PM 15/02/2008
scandalous Josh ragging on people in the hottub with Sharon loving it: 0 9:11PM 15/02/2008
scandalous Amanda is rubbing Park's shoulders in the sauna, Adam, Sheila, Alli, Matt, Ryan, Jen, Chels & James just bs-ing. I'm out... NT 0 9:24PM 15/02/2008
MaddyP Nat: It's so hard not to kiss Mattie NT 0 9:28PM 15/02/2008
MaddyP Josh thinks there's something going on between James and Nat NT 0 9:30PM 15/02/2008
scandalous Nat was talking non-stop to Amanda & Parker in the sauna, telling them that she thinks she & Matt are meant to be together, but don't want to.... 0 9:31PM 15/02/2008
scandalous Group in the hottub talking about sex, Josh says he likes a guy to grab the back of his head and... 0 9:47PM 15/02/2008
scandalous Hot-tubbers talking about BBAD; saying that it's raw footage & that it usally shows wherever "the party" or excitement is. NT 0 9:49PM 15/02/2008
scandalous Nat just said that she squirts having sex, especially after having a bath... 0 9:52PM 15/02/2008
MaddyP James had a boner. Great. NT 0 10:03PM 15/02/2008
scandalous Amanda says she's a ring girl, works for Hawaiin Tropics & is on a Chapstick (when she was 15 lbs lighter)... 1 10:05PM 15/02/2008
MaddyP Alex and Mattie are playing pool, Parker, Amanda, and Nat in ht 0 10:15PM 15/02/2008
MaddyP Parker bummed that he can't flirt with Amanda in front of Alex 0 10:17PM 15/02/2008
MaddyP Amanda wants to go to the Seyschelles (sp?) Island near Africa NT 0 10:19PM 15/02/2008
MaddyP Nat is complaining that Matt won't kiss her. NT 0 10:22PM 15/02/2008
Samma Nat keeps telling Parker and Amanda that she knew she'd be attracted to someone in the house 0 10:28PM 15/02/2008
Samma Nat telling Amanda how much she likes Matt, talking about getting butterflies around him. 0 10:35PM 15/02/2008
sunflower05 Natalie told Josh the nominations would stay the same, and Josh told her to 0 10:50PM 15/02/2008
KingMac Josh says the house will be complete harmony when all the evil is gone. NT 1 11:18PM 15/02/2008
KingMac Josh Sharon and Nat trashing Amanda. NT 0 11:22PM 15/02/2008
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