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cat8mysn Flames on all 4 feeds, anyone else around to take over for a while? NT 0 12:38PM 16/02/2008
cat8mysn Amanda just announced that today is veto ceremony day...that is why she is "dressed up?" NT 0 12:40PM 16/02/2008
Melonie BB: Remember houseguests to swim one mile you only have to swim 440 laps in the pool NT 0 12:42PM 16/02/2008
cat8mysn <pause> BB: The bedroom lights must remain on during the day.... 0 12:43PM 16/02/2008
Melonie Houseguests cooking in the kitchen around the house getting ready for the day. NT 0 12:44PM 16/02/2008
cat8mysn Backyard hamster making their way in to eat (minus Jen) (ed:I'm out for a bit) NT 0 12:46PM 16/02/2008
SouthernBelladonna Parker tells everyone in the kitchen that he thinks BB is racist because he hasn't gotten things he's requested and other people have. 0 12:54PM 16/02/2008
SouthernBelladonna Ali is working out in the BY. Ryan is smoking. Inside, several HGs are eating/chatting in the kitchen. NT 0 12:56PM 16/02/2008
SouthernBelladonna Adam has joined Ryan for a smoke. James is sitting in the BY and asks Adam if he wants to swim a mile today. 0 1:00PM 16/02/2008
caren FOTH on all four feeds NT 0 1:04PM 16/02/2008
SouthernBelladonna Alex cooking, says this will be the last breakfast for some in the house. Talk about when eviction is...FLAMES NT 0 1:05PM 16/02/2008
SouthernBelladonna Feeds back. Alex and Ryan discuss when the PoV meeting will be. Alex thinks it will be today. NT 0 1:08PM 16/02/2008
caren Feeds back Cams 1/2 in kitchen on Alex, Cams 3/4 in BY on Amanda and the others sunbathing NT 0 1:08PM 16/02/2008
caren James and Josh discussing Amanda's story of Alex touching her crotch 0 1:12PM 16/02/2008
caren Josh tells James that he and Sharon agreed to throw HoH NT 1 1:14PM 16/02/2008
caren FLAMES again on all 4 cameras NT 0 1:16PM 16/02/2008
caren Kitchen group discussing Chelsia's stinky feet and James' showering habits NT 0 1:17PM 16/02/2008
caren Allison in kitchen whispering to Chelsia, James and Sheila, saying they need to win the POV 0 1:19PM 16/02/2008
caren Switched to Alex and Joshuah in the backyard, they're disussing the mall where Josh works, he's discussing the guy he's dating 0 1:25PM 16/02/2008
caren Alex is discussing his business with James and Josh and getting his Masters for becoming a teacher in New Jersey NT 0 1:31PM 16/02/2008
caren Amanda in kitchen with Sheila and Sharon, she's telling the story again 0 1:35PM 16/02/2008
caren Now Sheila is talking about whether or not she would have sex on TV, she says absolutely not...and Ryan commented on her being in Penthouse 0 1:37PM 16/02/2008
caren Sharon says Alex thinks he's the hottest guy in the house, Sheila and Amanda disagree... 0 1:39PM 16/02/2008
caren The girls are discussing the guys and suddenly switch to their cover story of cooking when Matty comes inside NT 0 1:42PM 16/02/2008
caren Sheila and Sharon are talking about Jacob, Amanda says that Alex is mad because she talks to Parker but she says she hasn't 0 1:44PM 16/02/2008
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