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scandalous Park just went and woke Mattie up & is telling him the deal NT 0 3:10AM 16/02/2008
scandalous Matt told Park that Alex said he's going to go after Chelsia, then Park says no Chels likes you (Matt)... 0 3:13AM 16/02/2008
scandalous Matt just said that Nat tried to touch him tonight & said (condescendingly) "not tonight, you don't get it every night"- something to that effect NT 0 3:14AM 16/02/2008
scandalous Amanda & Chels were just crawling on the floor, looking under the LR couch for something, then joined the boys in the SR NT 1 3:17AM 16/02/2008
scandalous Amanda telling him things Nat said about how she gets butterflies around Matt & how when they're in bed... 0 3:22AM 16/02/2008
scandalous Chels can't sleep, so Park & Amanda just said Matt & Chels should go have sex, Chels said she wouldn't have... 0 3:24AM 16/02/2008
scandalous Matt & Park are saying that he can't believe Alex went for "the gold" and hadn't even tried to kiss her first.... 0 3:28AM 16/02/2008
scandalous Matt questions whether Sheila crying today was an act, but he's afraid to use the veto and make a target of himself NT 0 3:29AM 16/02/2008
scandalous Matt just said he'd bet his life that Parker is not going home NT 0 3:31AM 16/02/2008
scandalous Matt then said he wanted to have sex and told Chels that she looks like she'd be good. Chels said mayyy-be!... 0 3:33AM 16/02/2008
scandalous The storage room crew are convinced that Alex is up watching them, but he looks to have been asleep for some time now... 0 3:34AM 16/02/2008
scandalous Everyone's back to bed, including Amanda who, despite saying she's concerned about Alex' advances, gets into bed in just her bra & panties. NT 0 3:42AM 16/02/2008
scandalous Parker is breaking down the situation to Jen, primarily concerned about what that means for his position in the game... 0 3:54AM 16/02/2008
scandalous Hamsters all asleep; Amanda has fallen asleep on her back, clutching a pillow that covers her from head to waist. Finally...g'night. NT 0 3:59AM 16/02/2008
KaySeeDubya Parker is up and rolling around. He whispered something to Jen. He appears to still be awake and trying to go back to sleep. James tossing around. NT 0 5:21AM 16/02/2008
pooh5983 It looks like everyone is still sleeping NT 0 8:34AM 16/02/2008
SoftTail Sheila is up and heads to the storage room NT 0 9:14AM 16/02/2008
kjchardonnay Sheila makes coffee, brushes her teeth, taking a shower NT 0 9:28AM 16/02/2008
Snarf123 Sheila tanning in the BY NT 0 10:01AM 16/02/2008
cat8mysn F1 couple i cant make out, the male is where bandana ala "mandana" style... 1 10:19AM 16/02/2008
cat8mysn Sheila moved into the pool to swim a lap...microphone pack, securely fastened and fully emerged! NT 0 10:21AM 16/02/2008
cat8mysn Sheila is back to the lounger, on her back this time and still restless, planes very loud overhead NT 0 10:24AM 16/02/2008
cat8mysn James sits up slightly, looks around the room...Chelsia does the same and they are....nope....back to sleep NT 0 10:35AM 16/02/2008
cat8mysn All of our feed sleepers (F4 has changed to HoH I believe...not sure) are very restless...lots of twisting an turning NT 0 10:38AM 16/02/2008
cat8mysn Sheila has switched to sunning mode to outright thinking mode... 0 10:47AM 16/02/2008
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