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Sharon and Josh in the lounger - Melonie
11:53AM 17/02/2008

Sharon tells Josh when Parker leaves Amandas going to wig and they can't wait. NT - Melonie
11:54AM 17/02/2008

Amanda comes out yelling bueno she tells Sharon thats her thing. She had some shirts made with it on it and they wouldn't let her bring them then she - Melonie
11:55AM 17/02/2008

Amanda says you cant say anything to anyone here - Melonie
12:01PM 17/02/2008

Amanda telling Josh and Sharon about Alex telling her that they could not - Melonie
12:05PM 17/02/2008

Flames all four feeds. NT - Melonie
12:06PM 17/02/2008

Parker and Jen in the boat room - Melonie
12:12PM 17/02/2008

Jen- God that sucks there gonna leave it the same NT - KingMac
12:13PM 17/02/2008

Back from flames. Jen and Parker discussing what they will say at the ceremony. - Melonie
12:17PM 17/02/2008

Allison and Ryan in the lounger - Melonie
12:27PM 17/02/2008

Allison tells Ryan she understands that he wants to spend time with Jen. But everyone else is getting to know each other and they are in a weird - Melonie
12:30PM 17/02/2008

Matt and Parker in the living room discussing James - Melonie
12:32PM 17/02/2008

POV ceremony was to be at noon bb time it has not yet begun. NT - Melonie
12:33PM 17/02/2008

FOH NT - treesekaon
12:36PM 17/02/2008

Sharon tells Chel, Josh, and Nat that Parker said he would put up James and Chelsia - Melonie
12:45PM 17/02/2008

Sharon said shes already been kicked out once she knows what it feels like. Flames NT - Melonie
12:46PM 17/02/2008

FOTH for a while now.. NT - teamdonatolove
12:57PM 17/02/2008

We now have the Guinea pigs on all 4 feeds! NT - caren
1:10PM 17/02/2008

Feeds back on Allison and Natalie primping in the bathroom - caren
1:12PM 17/02/2008

Now all feeds on HGs discussing body wash and baby wipes in the BY. - SouthernBelladonna
1:14PM 17/02/2008

Nat: "I'm not going to sink to her level." - SouthernBelladonna
1:16PM 17/02/2008

Sharon comes in the bathroom and she and Ali agree that there will be so much drama. - SouthernBelladonna
1:17PM 17/02/2008

Allison to Sharon, talking about Jen and Ryan: "I am everything that he is looking for in her that she disappoints him on" NT - Samma
1:18PM 17/02/2008

Sheila is in kitchen talking about her son changing who she was, for the better - caren
1:25PM 17/02/2008

Natalie and Josh talking in the bedroom, they are discussing opinions on Parker - caren
1:31PM 17/02/2008

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