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Looks like Alex rubbing his left foot against side of Amanda's lower leg but he is sleeping . NT - cdnhockeygoddess
9:12AM 17/02/2008

Amanda diddling herself in her sleep once again. NT - oh_boy
9:47AM 17/02/2008

FLAMES on all four feeds NT - caren
10:15AM 17/02/2008

HGs up and getting new battery packs. The day begins... NT - Reality_Chicks
10:22AM 17/02/2008

Joshua said that the pov cremeony is at 12 bbt NT - EvelDickthebest
10:25AM 17/02/2008

Parker and Matt discussing Chelsia and Jame's vote. Matt tells Parker he needs to go talk to James. - Melonie
10:37AM 17/02/2008

Parker asks James and Chelsia where they stand in the boat room - Melonie
10:41AM 17/02/2008

Chelsia says in front of Jen after Ryan and Allison gets evicted she wants their bed. NT - Melonie
10:44AM 17/02/2008

Around the feeds... House guests showering, primping, eating getting ready for the POV ceremony. NT - Melonie
10:46AM 17/02/2008

HGs showering and getting ready for something. The girls are putting on make-up. Parker explains his ratings of the girls last night... - SouthernBelladonna
10:47AM 17/02/2008

Chelsia tells James when she gets married she wants to be married on the beach she does not want a wedding dress she wants her husband to be in white - Melonie
10:51AM 17/02/2008

Parker tells Matt in the kitchen about his discussion with James. - Melonie
10:52AM 17/02/2008

BB announces there are fresh batteries. The girls are still primping in the bathroom. Parker is talking about James' vote in the kitchen. - SouthernBelladonna
10:53AM 17/02/2008

Parker and Amanda in the HOH room - Melonie
10:58AM 17/02/2008

Parker and Amanda in the hoh room - Melonie
11:00AM 17/02/2008

Amanda said is pissed her off that they never came across the speaker and told her to get to her bed - Melonie
11:04AM 17/02/2008

Amanda and Parker discuss the votes - Melonie
11:06AM 17/02/2008

Flames on the feeds. NT - Melonie
11:21AM 17/02/2008

Back from flames. Houseguest waiting, getting ready for pov ceremony. NT - Melonie
11:28AM 17/02/2008

Adam, James, and Ryan in backyard - Melonie
11:36AM 17/02/2008

Parker asks Sharon if she would put him up she says no. - Melonie
11:41AM 17/02/2008

Flames on all four cameras NT - kjchardonnay
11:41AM 17/02/2008

Parker and Sharon talking about the casting process....flames. NT - Melonie
11:42AM 17/02/2008

Amanda, Parker, Sharon discussing what happened last night - Melonie
11:48AM 17/02/2008

Flames NT - Melonie
11:48AM 17/02/2008

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