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augie Sheila now telling Alli that Sheila told Josh that Mattie has been flirting with Alli and it makes 0 5:09PM 18/02/2008
MtDewAddict Adam doing laundry others playing pool or cooking NT 0 5:13PM 18/02/2008
MtDewAddict Natalie, Amanda, Sharon, Matt, Parker and Alex talking 0 5:16PM 18/02/2008
MtDewAddict All feeds on that group, Natalie talking non-stop as usual NT 0 5:18PM 18/02/2008
MtDewAddict Back to all feeds on Alli and Shelia. Alli has been getting dressed for over an hour NT 0 5:21PM 18/02/2008
EvelDickthebest Shelia and Allison in the bathroom or as i call them the Fake Lesbian Girls NT 0 5:22PM 18/02/2008
MtDewAddict Amanda and Natalie join Alli and Shelia in the bathroom 0 5:30PM 18/02/2008
MtDewAddict Jen is peeling carrots in the kitchen while Ryan and Adam talk to her 0 5:32PM 18/02/2008
MtDewAddict Slowly people congregate in the kitchen...Jen is making (I believe) homemade chicken soup NT 0 5:39PM 18/02/2008
MtDewAddict Jen talking about the smell of garlic get her "going" 0 5:46PM 18/02/2008
Bigjock4u9 Sheila discussing the virtues of MYSPACE for networking for jobs NT 0 6:02PM 18/02/2008
Bigjock4u9 Nat wishes they would give them a huka to smoke weed out of NT 0 6:06PM 18/02/2008
MtDewAddict Natalie Shelia Chel and Alli talking about smoking out of a hookah NT 0 6:06PM 18/02/2008
MtDewAddict Nat, Shelia, and Allison talking about the longer HOH for Alex/Amanda 0 6:15PM 18/02/2008
MtDewAddict Natalie thinks that the last four couples will be when they are allowed to split couples up NT 0 6:17PM 18/02/2008
MtDewAddict Jen STILL making a HUUUGE pot of soup. Alex making a different meal 0 6:19PM 18/02/2008
MtDewAddict Alex and Adam are outside smoking, all feeds on them NT 0 6:21PM 18/02/2008
MtDewAddict Matt and Sharon cuddled up sleeping together NT 0 6:22PM 18/02/2008
ccquilter Adam told Ryan that Allison called him to be on the show 2 6:23PM 18/02/2008
MtDewAddict FOTH NT 0 6:28PM 18/02/2008
MtDewAddict Adam and Amanda are chatting 0 6:29PM 18/02/2008
MtDewAddict Amanda is saying that Chelsia and Joshua are the only ones who were saying anything last night 0 6:31PM 18/02/2008
MtDewAddict Amanda just compared herself to Britney Spears 0 6:34PM 18/02/2008
MtDewAddict Nat/Shelia/Alli talking about their pets. Alex still cooking. James/Chelsia talking about pets in other room NT 0 6:37PM 18/02/2008
MtDewAddict James and Chelsia talking about the fake lesbians 0 6:42PM 18/02/2008
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