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janka Amanda is all up in WaterGate and RaceGate but trying sooooooooooooooooooooooooo hard to get involved and "just listen", it is humor at best. NT 0 2:44AM 18/02/2008
janka Ryan and Jen kissed and made up five mins ago.....he talked to Allison and they are fighting again. 0 2:53AM 18/02/2008
janka James, Chelsia, Josh and Adam are all listening, Gloating about all the drama they have caused. Josh is celebrating getting rid of Jen and soon 0 2:57AM 18/02/2008
janka Alex is Up on his bed in the LR. As Amanda is walking back to the room, she stops to tell him "She's Been Ears" He tells her go upstairs to sleep... 0 3:01AM 18/02/2008
janka Allison tried to bait Amanda into Singing the Infamous Song about her.....Amanda almost bit...but after first saying yes, said No she's going to bed.. 0 3:08AM 18/02/2008
genx Parker is talking to J/R about not talking in DR and at media appearances. 0 4:00AM 18/02/2008
KingMac Parker talking to Ryan about the "race" issue, Parker says he does not care if you dont agree with interacial realtionships. NT 0 4:00AM 18/02/2008
KingMac Parker says when he leaves he is not goning to answer any questions. He says in the contract it says... 0 4:03AM 18/02/2008
Snarf123 All 4 Feeds on Adam and James in the BY smoking. 0 4:31AM 18/02/2008
Snarf123 Adam and James go inside and Adam stares at the guinea pigs for awhile. NT 0 4:34AM 18/02/2008
Snarf123 James joins Adam at the guinea pig cage and they point and whisper about the items inside. 0 4:36AM 18/02/2008
Snarf123 Now they are looking at the Memory Wall and whispering about the placement of some of the photos. 0 4:42AM 18/02/2008
alicenBBworld Adam and James In Kitchen Eating. James Said There is something creepy about the house...Like it's Cabin Fever NT 0 4:47AM 18/02/2008
Snarf123 Around the Feeds. F1&2 -- Adam and James still in the kitchen snacking and having fits of giggles. 0 5:02AM 18/02/2008
Snarf123 Adam and James finally head to bed. NT 0 5:07AM 18/02/2008
Snarf123 All Hamsters tucked into bed. NT 0 5:14AM 18/02/2008
alanis Adam up in BY smoking NT 0 6:15AM 18/02/2008
alanis Adam went back to bed NT 0 6:28AM 18/02/2008
KaySeeDubya Everyone still sleeping. The camera keeps showing Parker, Jen, Ryan, and Allison's pictures on the memory wall. NT 0 9:56AM 18/02/2008
KaySeeDubya Feed update... F1 - Memory wall pictures, F2 - James/Chelsia sleeping, 0 9:59AM 18/02/2008
KaySeeDubya F1 goes to the regular bedroom with Matt/Nat & Adam/Sheila. Adam is fidgeting around. NT 0 9:59AM 18/02/2008
KaySeeDubya Josh is up. Not sure where he went as the camera did not follow him. NT 0 10:03AM 18/02/2008
KaySeeDubya It appears Josh was in the bathroom. Looks like he is getting up for the day as he is taking a shower now. NT 0 10:07AM 18/02/2008
KaySeeDubya I just saw someone walk by on Feed 4. I think it was Sheila. NT 0 10:12AM 18/02/2008
KaySeeDubya Feed 1 & 2 on Josh's shower. Feed 3 & 4 on Sheila in storage. NT 0 10:12AM 18/02/2008
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