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Broodmore Flames NT 0 10:18PM 19/02/2008
Broodmore James wants to cash in his massage ticket tonight with Nat NT 0 10:19PM 19/02/2008
sunflower05 natalie said that matt isn't trying to get to know her at all NT 0 10:20PM 19/02/2008
Broodmore James and Nat talking about their partners 0 10:21PM 19/02/2008
SouthernBelladonna Nat is complaining about how Matt doesn't want to get to know her. James says that's going to hurt them in a comp later. 0 10:21PM 19/02/2008
Broodmore Nat saying in a serious game she will talk some smack I'm out for the night ya'll take care NT 0 10:24PM 19/02/2008
SouthernBelladonna James goes to take a shower. Adam and Nat are now alone in the shower chatting. The other HGs are still gathered in the red bedroom. 0 10:26PM 19/02/2008
SouthernBelladonna Shelia and Ali are talking in one of the bedrooms. 0 10:36PM 19/02/2008
bbshannon Parker pulls on Matt's nipple in the bathroom and he laughs his head off. Matt says "that hurts!" NT 0 10:37PM 19/02/2008
SouthernBelladonna Nat/Matt are having a little tiff about how they don't talk. Nat is upset about it. 0 10:40PM 19/02/2008
bbshannon Alex gets into the sauna with Natalie in his little blue boxers NT 0 10:44PM 19/02/2008
SouthernBelladonna Alex has joined Nat in the sauna. NT 0 10:44PM 19/02/2008
SouthernBelladonna Alex is doing ab exercises in the sauna as Nat talks. NT 1 10:48PM 19/02/2008
SouthernBelladonna Park and Amanda are in HOH. Park says he doesn't want to hear that the vote is 3-1. He hopes it's a tie. 0 10:56PM 19/02/2008
Pook61 Amanda and Parker in HOH room speculating about which votes Jen and Parker have... NT 0 11:12PM 19/02/2008
raindrop110475 Parker tells Amanda he is not lookign forward to coming home and gettign all the friendship requests on Myspace NT 0 11:17PM 19/02/2008
Bigjock4u9 Parker wants to do comercials to get some residuales for doing this NT 0 11:18PM 19/02/2008
Bigjock4u9 Parks say he is over the whole James thing, Nakedness , pink hair, pink underwear,pink pants NT 0 11:26PM 19/02/2008
Jtal Amanda likes Sharon...Parker loves Sharon.. they said. NT 0 11:40PM 19/02/2008
raindrop110475 Matt asks Ali for kiss she says no he says shes no fun says hell talk to sheila and see how shes voting NT 0 11:43PM 19/02/2008
Jtal Sharon's mic is tangled in her necklace NT 0 11:47PM 19/02/2008
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