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Melonie Amanda comes in and tells Parker and Adam that Allison said they were keeping parker. Matt says she is acting. That Sheila is an actress. 0 2:24PM 19/02/2008
Melonie Jen called to the diary room NT 0 2:24PM 19/02/2008
Melonie Parker says Jen is the cancer that f'd them up. 0 2:26PM 19/02/2008
Melonie Ryan and Allison in the storage room 0 2:27PM 19/02/2008
AngelGirls Flames NT 0 2:27PM 19/02/2008
Melonie Ryan asks Allison to talk to Sheila and make sure she was acting, NT 0 2:29PM 19/02/2008
raindrop110475 Ryan still justifying all these people being mean to jen says he is neutral NT 0 2:29PM 19/02/2008
raindrop110475 allison is bashing on sheila for doing the crying thing thinks it was funny but feels she has to damage control now NT 0 2:31PM 19/02/2008
raindrop110475 Jen asks if allison just told Ryan what she said in Dr he says no I dont care what she says ( allison did tell him) NT 0 2:32PM 19/02/2008
Melonie Ryan and Jen in the storeroom looking at thier bags 0 2:34PM 19/02/2008
Melonie Houseguests eating preparing food in the kitchen, bread and butter pickles being passed around. Allison looks to be making chicken. HOH called to 0 2:38PM 19/02/2008
Melonie James and Chel in the boat room with Josh and Sharon. Josh says he has not had a hard on since he has been there. James tells them that he rubs one 0 2:41PM 19/02/2008
Melonie Alex and Amanda recieved the camera for picture time. NT 0 2:42PM 19/02/2008
Melonie Houseguests grouping up and hanging out in kitchen for pictures. NT 0 2:45PM 19/02/2008
Melonie Alex tells them they have one hour for pictures and to write the blog. Then Amanda says they have an hour to do this and an hour to blog. NT 0 2:50PM 19/02/2008
Melonie All the girls gather around Adam in his shades for a group picture. Natalie puts her chest on Adams head. (To funny) NT 0 2:54PM 19/02/2008
Melonie BB: Houseguests the lockdown is now over NT 0 2:59PM 19/02/2008
echo awnings up over pool table and sitting area in backyard NT 0 3:00PM 19/02/2008
Melonie Houseguests in the backyard. Josh notices they took his Drama free zone sign away. NT 0 3:00PM 19/02/2008
sunflower05 Sheila told Allison in the storage room she was Acting because she didn't want Ryan to tell Jen about the vote NT 0 3:12PM 19/02/2008
MtDewAddict Shelia assuring Josh that she was acting. They all want Ryan to think he and Alli are gone so he won't tell Jen NT 0 3:17PM 19/02/2008
MtDewAddict Sharon and Josh want Matt/Nat to win but they HAVE to make sure Amanda/Alex are put up. They really want Amanda gone next after Jen/Park NT 0 3:19PM 19/02/2008
MtDewAddict Josh said that he will fight with Amanda before the next POV so she will be too rattled to win 0 3:20PM 19/02/2008
MtDewAddict Alli weighing herself (116lbs)...Shelia making cracks about Alli not having style or a nice body (in reference to Jen making fun of her) NT 0 3:23PM 19/02/2008
raindrop110475 Ali is tellign sharon she can gettign acting show out of this house NT 2 3:25PM 19/02/2008
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