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Taelyn Adam comes out of WC does not wash his hands, then farts as he walks to kitchen to get a drink * NT 0 2:28AM 20/02/2008
scandalous Adam proceeds to the kitchen where he gets himself a glass fo water (unwashed hands on kitchen sink); grabs a handful of nuts (um, edible ones) NT 0 2:30AM 20/02/2008
scandalous Adam heads back to bed, cam focuses on unwashed hand which he then uses to pick his teeth NT 0 2:31AM 20/02/2008
scandalous Adam says something to Sheila, whom I think he woke up, put the sheet over his face to sleep, that didn't work, now rolled on his stomach NT 0 2:34AM 20/02/2008
scandalous HOH cam looks as though Amanda's leg may have crossed over to Alex' "side" but I think they're both asleep NT 0 2:36AM 20/02/2008
scandalous Adam is restless & it just sounded as though someone may have been talking in their sleep NT 0 2:39AM 20/02/2008
scandalous The boys are restless; Alex, Matt & Adam all toss, turn & scratch @ the same time NT 0 2:46AM 20/02/2008
scandalous Alex sat up & said "wtf?" Looked down at Amanda's leg (she's under the covers) and rolled over on his side away from her NT 0 2:47AM 20/02/2008
scandalous Sheila and Adam still getting comfortable; Adam is faced away from the cam, but keeps reaching down to fix or adjust something NT 0 2:51AM 20/02/2008
cdnhockeygoddess Josh and Adam are doing the snore marathon...pretty tied right now but Adam is edging ahead NT 0 3:38AM 20/02/2008
Snarf123 Sheila in the kitchen making coffee. NT 0 8:12AM 20/02/2008
PrincessManda Amanda and Alex 0 8:17AM 20/02/2008
Snarf123 Natalie up and picking out clothes to wear. Alex and Amanda packing their clothes in the HoH room. Sheila called to the DR. NT 0 8:27AM 20/02/2008
Snarf123 Chels snubs a snuggle attempt by James by getting out of bed. NT 0 8:33AM 20/02/2008
Snarf123 BB Voice: "I said it's TIME to get UP for the DAY!" 0 8:42AM 20/02/2008
Snarf123 Most hamsters up now. Allison wandering around with giganto rollers in her hair. 0 8:49AM 20/02/2008
cat8mysn Ryan and Nat on feed one brushing teeth, totally silent except fo the sounds of scrubbing NT 0 8:54AM 20/02/2008
cat8mysn House very busy with HG primpin and getting ready for live show 0 8:57AM 20/02/2008
cat8mysn F1 now shows Alex,Chelsia and Adam workin on their hair...and Nat is now back NT 0 8:58AM 20/02/2008
cat8mysn All 4 feeds in BR, Jen borrowing something from Alex, but I'm not sure what 0 9:00AM 20/02/2008
Skipper All 4 feeds now in SR with Sharon and Parker - Parker ironing NT 0 9:03AM 20/02/2008
cat8mysn Breaking news Parker is pissed (again) venting to Sharon in the SR 0 9:04AM 20/02/2008
cat8mysn Same vent, different girl...Parker just repeating his rant now to Amanda NT 0 9:05AM 20/02/2008
cat8mysn Sheila told Parker that Adam would make the decision NT 0 9:07AM 20/02/2008
cat8mysn LMAO Parker blocks one camera from seeing Amanda change, but you can see everything from the view from another cameral NT 0 9:08AM 20/02/2008
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