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cat8mysn Nat and Chelsia talking about how OLD 30 is NT 0 9:09AM 20/02/2008
cat8mysn All 4 feeds were general BR chit chat, then we briefly saw 4 feeds 1 9:13AM 20/02/2008
cat8mysn ....and we are back F1,2,3,4 in a quiet bathroom with Nat, Alli and Chelsia NT 0 9:16AM 20/02/2008
cat8mysn Jen has emerged from the shower, James has joined the Bathroom crew 0 9:20AM 20/02/2008
cat8mysn Quiet Bathroom on all feeds BB:"Joshuah, please go to the diary room" NT 0 9:23AM 20/02/2008
cat8mysn Chelsia seems surprised to hear the vacuum running and then says "wait, what day is it?" NT 0 9:25AM 20/02/2008
cat8mysn Parker and Jen in boatroom, Parker is packing...they talked briefly about the votes... 0 9:28AM 20/02/2008
cat8mysn Brief "what are they wearing scorecard" 0 9:32AM 20/02/2008
cat8mysn Small little blow up between Natalie and Matt at the kitchen counter 0 9:33AM 20/02/2008
cat8mysn F1-4 all flames (can somebody take over for a bit?) NT 0 9:35AM 20/02/2008
bbshannon Matt comes into the storage room where Natalie and Ali are 0 9:43AM 20/02/2008
bbshannon Flames NT 0 9:45AM 20/02/2008
bbshannon Jen Ryan and Amanda in bathroom primping, small talk 1 10:14AM 20/02/2008
bbshannon Alex James Matt and Adam are talking at the counter..but we get flames as soon as the feed changes to them NT 0 10:20AM 20/02/2008
bbshannon Still flames NT 0 10:30AM 20/02/2008
bbshannon Flames switch to Trivia NT 0 10:53AM 20/02/2008
KennyN Still flames. NT 0 11:42AM 20/02/2008
KennyN Feed are back. Amanda/Jen brushing their hair in the bathroom mirror. Allison and Sheila in there, too. NT 0 12:19PM 20/02/2008
KennyN Amanda/Natalie/Sheila in the bathroom talking about periods. All three primping in the mirror. NT 1 12:22PM 20/02/2008
MtDewAddict Back to trivia NT 0 12:35PM 20/02/2008
djr6677 Amanda and Nat in bathroom working on hair. Jen walks in--breifly mentions about the votes and talking about someone going against their word NT 0 12:37PM 20/02/2008
folieadeux8381 Trivia (again) NT 0 12:48PM 20/02/2008
susooz Flames Flames Flames NT 0 1:01PM 20/02/2008
PrincessManda Still Trivia NT 0 1:53PM 20/02/2008
MtDewAddict Brief flash of DR hallway then trivia continues. NT 0 2:26PM 20/02/2008
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