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Still Trivia NT - susooz
2:45PM 20/02/2008

Trivia NT - PrincessManda
3:02PM 20/02/2008

Trivia (the answer is A Puppy) NT - Fozz
4:19PM 20/02/2008

Who saves the big brother pet from drowing during a live show in big brother 1....Josh still Trivia. NT - Melonie
4:47PM 20/02/2008

Lesbian confession in the bathroom to James. Allison tells the truth NT - coz
6:05PM 20/02/2008

Blue boat room - Alex, Amanda and Sharon - ccquilter
6:14PM 20/02/2008

Ali tells josh she is also coming clean so no one thinks shes with sheila cause she doesnt like how sheila is playing - raindrop110475
6:14PM 20/02/2008

Josh lies to ali says he never told neil or anyone about lesbo thing NT - raindrop110475
6:15PM 20/02/2008

Blue boat room more - Chelsia has come in - ccquilter
6:15PM 20/02/2008

Blue boat room - Alex wondering about his contacts under his old bed downstairs - ccquilter
6:18PM 20/02/2008

Outside the HOH - Chelsia and Josh are whispering - wondering why Alli and Sheila would make up a rumor about themselves NT - ccquilter
6:20PM 20/02/2008

Josh and Chel discuss Ali telling the truth about the fake lesbian relationship with Sheila. - SouthernBelladonna
6:21PM 20/02/2008

Outside HOH - Chelsia tells Josh she trusts him - ccquilter
6:21PM 20/02/2008

James has joined Chel/Josh. All are confused by the lesbian fiasco. - SouthernBelladonna
6:26PM 20/02/2008

James says he knows who he wants to put against Alex/Amanda. - SouthernBelladonna
6:27PM 20/02/2008

James says Adam told him Sheila's drama over the vote was all her plan. NT - SouthernBelladonna
6:29PM 20/02/2008

Chel/James alone now. Chel saying the girls have to be with them now because of the lesbian lie. - SouthernBelladonna
6:33PM 20/02/2008

Ryan joins Chel/James. Talk about Adam...Ryan is worried about him...calls him a loose cannon. - SouthernBelladonna
6:36PM 20/02/2008

James and Chel get there HOH room NT - happyness
6:52PM 20/02/2008

All the house guest are looking around the HOH room. - happyness
6:55PM 20/02/2008
baskets, Chel says her mom did the basket, she got a pink & black binky from her house lots of pics - my0wn
7:04PM 20/02/2008
I think Natalie is still sleeping, didn't see her in the HOH room. NT - bluegenjutsu
7:02PM 20/02/2008

More Flames NT - susooz
7:00PM 20/02/2008

Matt says he loves big butts,kidding james about his 12 inches NT - susooz
7:03PM 20/02/2008

matt talking about how thankfull all were for his not using POV NT - susooz
7:05PM 20/02/2008

Boys in the backyard. . . - ccquilter
7:08PM 20/02/2008

Chel & James are moving their clothes into the HOH, Nat comes up from her nap to check it out - my0wn
7:08PM 20/02/2008
James got ramen noodles, cream soda, axe James says he just wants to chill NT - my0wn
7:10PM 20/02/2008

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