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James thinks Josh and Sharon are trying to be the puppeteers NT - WVpdles
8:03PM 20/02/2008

James says he thinks there definitely gameplay going on behind their backs. - SouthernBelladonna
8:05PM 20/02/2008

James told chel he would take care of guys (says he has adam and ryan) and she takes care of girls NT - raindrop110475
8:06PM 20/02/2008

Adam and josh in backyard says sheila is lucky he doesnt tell her straight up the deal that shes a washed up playmate NT - raindrop110475
8:07PM 20/02/2008

Chelsia: I would love to have random sex. Flames NT - coz
8:08PM 20/02/2008

foth NT - Taffy
8:11PM 20/02/2008

flames stopped alex in backyard saying there was someone at homehe was intrested in and never know if shell be there when hes out - raindrop110475
8:12PM 20/02/2008

James and Chel both say they will lie to anyone in the house, but not each other. NT - SouthernBelladonna
8:25PM 20/02/2008

james/chel drinking ,but James is sipping & chel is on 2nd bowl NT - susooz
8:27PM 20/02/2008

Chel and James just shook hands promising each other that if BB brings in their exes they will love to see them F8ck 'em whatever they want... - Taffy
8:27PM 20/02/2008

James: I really don't want to go down there. I hate a lot of these people's voices. - SouthernBelladonna
8:27PM 20/02/2008

Chelsia asks James if he trusts her, James says as much as he can, that he's only known her - Taffy
8:29PM 20/02/2008
Chelsia swore not Amanda NT - WVpdles
8:31PM 20/02/2008

James/Chel talk about Amanda's allegations about being touched by Alex. - SouthernBelladonna
8:31PM 20/02/2008

HOH chelsia and james talk - GoDeena
8:32PM 20/02/2008

James is reading to Chelsia..."Nominations are on Thursday, that's tomorrow"...Chelsia "f*ck"...James keeps reading the instructions on - Taffy
8:33PM 20/02/2008

Nat said they should boil water to wash with since they won't have hot water for 72 hrs NT - WVpdles
8:34PM 20/02/2008

Chel burps REALLY loud. She asks James if it bother him he says no. then he tells her that he really likes her. - SouthernBelladonna
8:36PM 20/02/2008

Someone correct me if I'm wrong.. but I swear I just heard... - canafizzle
8:37PM 20/02/2008

James and Che are buzzed. - GoDeena
8:37PM 20/02/2008

Chel and James have left the HOH to join the others to eat NT - WVpdles
8:37PM 20/02/2008

James told Chel, Matt is playing all the girls & she swore not to tell NT - susooz
8:37PM 20/02/2008

They did the wave before Amanda said a prayer. Someone thinks there's gonna be a food comp, and Chel said then they shouldn't have gotten drunk NT - WVpdles
8:43PM 20/02/2008

During the meal James was called to DR... - WVpdles
9:07PM 20/02/2008

Ali's in the sauna alone.. NT - WVpdles
9:13PM 20/02/2008

Chel and James are kissing in the HoH bed NT - WVpdles
9:21PM 20/02/2008

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