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Taffy James is cooking something that looks like chicken...Amanda and Alex seem to be on slop...Alex is complaining about the weather. Matt 0 1:57PM 21/02/2008
Taffy Alex asks amanda if she could go shower "please...nothing against you, but the smell of fish..." Amanda replies that she wasn't in the water... NT 0 1:58PM 21/02/2008
Taffy Sheila talking to Amanda while Amanda showers with cold water. Sheila says there's no way she (Sheila) 0 2:13PM 21/02/2008
MtDewAddict Their screen just popped up in the house saying nominations are today. Josh tells Amanda that James/Chel haven't talked to him about it at all NT 0 2:16PM 21/02/2008
Taffy Amanda tells them that nominations are today, BB told her apparently...Chelsia "that sucks" 0 2:17PM 21/02/2008
MtDewAddict Then to trivia NT 0 2:17PM 21/02/2008
Taffy back...James, Sharon and Chelsia in HOH discussing nominations NT 0 2:18PM 21/02/2008
MtDewAddict Sharon in HOH telling James and Chelsia that they need to put up Matt/Nat against Amanda/Alex and tell them it's so that Matt/Nat can win POV 0 2:21PM 21/02/2008
MtDewAddict James is worried that he said something while he was drunk last night that could have made Adam mad NT 0 2:22PM 21/02/2008
Taffy James is saying then the speech should be "Natalie, you said you'd win every POV..." Chelsia says that is cheesy 0 2:35PM 21/02/2008
TracyTurnblad Ryan now in HoH 0 2:40PM 21/02/2008
Taffy James tells Chelsia he'll let her take Amanda..."and you should" Chelsia "I know, don't puss out..." 0 2:43PM 21/02/2008
Melonie Alex went into the HOH room told Chel and James if they put them up they put them up. He said he wasn't going to beg he doesn't want to go up but the 0 2:49PM 21/02/2008
Taffy James and Chelsia discussing in what order they're going to put the keys in... 0 2:51PM 21/02/2008
Melonie Amanda, Alex, and Sheila appear to have made come slop bars or something in the oven. Ryan was tasting it and Amanda told him to smell the pizza and 0 2:54PM 21/02/2008
TracyTurnblad James found Sheila's Monistat(yeast infection cream) in the bathroom! Natalie and Matt are totally grossed out! LOL NT 0 2:55PM 21/02/2008
MtDewAddict Amanda is making "tuna salad slop"....BB slop, mustard, pickles,etc... NT 0 3:01PM 21/02/2008
MtDewAddict Allison apparently had an asthma attack earlier. She said she'd never had one before...she was seeing the doctor NT 0 3:07PM 21/02/2008
Taffy Cams 1&2 on kitchen and kitchen area where Amanda, Alex, Sheila talk slop 0 3:07PM 21/02/2008
MtDewAddict The food competition involved whole basketball kinda thing with the fish it sounds like. 0 3:09PM 21/02/2008
Taffy Allison whispers to Josh as Sharon walks in the room... "You and Sharon are the best because you keep quiet"... 0 3:11PM 21/02/2008
MtDewAddict Amanda and Sheila say that the slop isn't just's like a weird mix of grits,oatmeal, corn nuts "and rocks from a blender or cardboard" NT 0 3:12PM 21/02/2008
Broodmore Chelisia says her and James will be on the block next week NT 0 3:15PM 21/02/2008
Taffy Amanda to Nat: "You look so cute!" Nat smiles and semi hugs Amanda who is sitting at the kitchen counter 0 3:18PM 21/02/2008
Broodmore Josh talks about Amanda.... 0 3:23PM 21/02/2008
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