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Topic #7942642
Taffy - James is cooking something that looks like chicken...Amanda and Alex seem to be on slop...Alex is complaining about the weather. Matt 0 Replies #7942642 1:57PM 21/02/2008
says "bad weather, no laundry and slop, life sucks at the BB house this week"...they're discussing if BB is goingt o send them back outside to prepare for nominations...They don't think so because they're all dirty and they would have to dress up, plus BB does not do two things on the same they (Matt, Amanda, Chelsia, Adam, James, Alex there) think nominations will be tomorrow...
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Topic #7942650
Taffy - Alex asks amanda if she could go shower "please...nothing against you, but the smell of fish..." Amanda replies that she wasn't in the water... NT 0 Replies #7942650 1:58PM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7942772
Taffy - Sheila talking to Amanda while Amanda showers with cold water. Sheila says there's no way she (Sheila) 0 Replies #7942772 2:13PM 21/02/2008
would shower in cold water, especially after swimming in that water full of fish guts...Tells Amanda that she's old but she tried. Sheila says still, it was a fun competition...says she already had a feeling she (Sheila)would be on slop before it...
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Topic #7942809
MtDewAddict - Their screen just popped up in the house saying nominations are today. Josh tells Amanda that James/Chel haven't talked to him about it at all NT 0 Replies #7942809 2:16PM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7942812
Taffy - Amanda tells them that nominations are today, BB told her apparently...Chelsia "that sucks" 0 Replies #7942812 2:17PM 21/02/2008
Sheila asking "Didn't we just evict? How does it work?"...Amanda, primping, says she could have used an extra day. Amanda asks Josh if he's nervous, Josh says he is because they (J/C?) haven't talked to him (Josh)
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Topic #7942821
MtDewAddict - Then to trivia NT 0 Replies #7942821 2:17PM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7942828
Taffy - back...James, Sharon and Chelsia in HOH discussing nominations NT 0 Replies #7942828 2:18PM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7942851
MtDewAddict - Sharon in HOH telling James and Chelsia that they need to put up Matt/Nat against Amanda/Alex and tell them it's so that Matt/Nat can win POV 0 Replies #7942851 2:21PM 21/02/2008
Sharon says that Nat told her that they need to go up against Amanda and Alex because they can beat the in POV and it would make sure A/A leave. James is afraid that Matt/Nat would give A/A a pity vote like they did Jen/Park and A/A would only need to swing one more vote and then stay...and both couples they put up would be left in the house.
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Topic #7942855
MtDewAddict - James is worried that he said something while he was drunk last night that could have made Adam mad NT 0 Replies #7942855 2:22PM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7942954
Taffy - James is saying then the speech should be "Natalie, you said you'd win every POV..." Chelsia says that is cheesy 0 Replies #7942954 2:35PM 21/02/2008
James says that the thing is if they don't put Matt on the block they could give a pity vote like they did with Parker (?) Sharon says Matt was threatened by Parker...James apologizes for last night, says he was really drunk, didn't mean to "freak them out"...sharon saying how Matt/Nat are a big threat...James seems troubled as to who he should put up. Sharon and James going counting votes. James says "We have the votes now, as it stands"...Sharon keeps whispering to him (can't hear)...james replies "amazing...that's just gonna bite them in the ass" (up to here, this convo is sketchy because my feeds keept freezing up, please correct or add whatever I missed or got wrong ed.)...James insinuates for Sharon to go so he can talk to his partner (Chelsia)...Sharon finally leaves and now James is laying on the bed while Chelsia stands...

Chelsia says why don't we just tell them "we think you're a rocking couple, you've won a lot and we..." James adds "hope you're still here next week" Chelsia says they should say something about their word, James says "privately" she says no, because she knows Matt is going to say "That's f*cked up, you guys gave us your word..."
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Topic #7942987
TracyTurnblad - Ryan now in HoH 0 Replies #7942987 2:40PM 21/02/2008
He's reminding James about what he said last night(that he wouldn't put him and Allison up) He's trying to convince them to put Alex and Sheila against Adam and Amanda
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Topic #7943003
Taffy - James tells Chelsia he'll let her take Amanda..."and you should" Chelsia "I know, don't puss out..." 0 Replies #7943003 2:43PM 21/02/2008
James says he's gonna do the condor and starts squaking. Ryan comes in saying "so, it's the big day..." Chelsia says "you're going up!" Ryan:"F*ck!"...Ryan tells James he (James) freaked out Adam and Josh last night. Ryan says Adam and sheila have no game, James says they're playing dumb...

Ryan tells James that he trusts him the most...says he doesn't want to talk sh*t about Matt (then does) but...he doesn't trust him...Ryan asks James if they (James/Chelsia) have an idea who they're putting up and if they're thinking ahead...they say yes...Ryan leaves...

Chelsia says to James "maybe we should just do it...get it over with because...those are the ones that I want" James agrees and goes (high pitch) bobobobom...James "you alright?, you ready?..I'm stoked, I love this...either way we're getting what we want"
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Topic #7943048
Melonie - Alex went into the HOH room told Chel and James if they put them up they put them up. He said he wasn't going to beg he doesn't want to go up but the 0 Replies #7943048 2:49PM 21/02/2008
deal with Amanda he understands. Said he was gonna make it short and sweet because he was sure everyone else was going to come up.
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Topic #7943053
Taffy - James and Chelsia discussing in what order they're going to put the keys in... 0 Replies #7943053 2:51PM 21/02/2008
James says "Josh and Sharon first?"...Chelsia says no because she doesn't want to give away who they're close to...James says "Adam and Sheila first then"...they agree...Chelsia asks James "you trust me?" James "yeah, as much as I can, you know..." she agrees.

Alex comes into HOH and says that if they're going to put him up, it's okay...that he knows they (J/C) don't like Amanda and it sucks for him (Alex), but he's not going to beg...just know that he (Alex) is going to break his ba*lls during POV. Alex says all is good, that he's been there and it's tough...Alex leaves and J/C chuckle...

James to Chelsia... "do you think they're all going to come in?" they laugh, James says he "can't believe how ridiculous these people are"...Chelsia giggles and says she couldn't even look Alex in the eyes.
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Topic #7943077
Melonie - Amanda, Alex, and Sheila appear to have made come slop bars or something in the oven. Ryan was tasting it and Amanda told him to smell the pizza and 0 Replies #7943077 2:54PM 21/02/2008
it will be like your eating pizza. Amanda told him to try it with extra honey. Sheila said they are going to have to get creative.
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Topic #7943092
TracyTurnblad - James found Sheila's Monistat(yeast infection cream) in the bathroom! Natalie and Matt are totally grossed out! LOL NT 0 Replies #7943092 2:55PM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7943158
MtDewAddict - Amanda is making "tuna salad slop"....BB slop, mustard, pickles,etc... NT 0 Replies #7943158 3:01PM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7943222
MtDewAddict - Allison apparently had an asthma attack earlier. She said she'd never had one before...she was seeing the doctor NT 0 Replies #7943222 3:07PM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7943229
Taffy - Cams 1&2 on kitchen and kitchen area where Amanda, Alex, Sheila talk slop 0 Replies #7943229 3:07PM 21/02/2008
the other two cams in the public bathroom where Nat and Sharon are primping. Allison (still wrapped in a towel) is in the room talking to Josh who's getting dressed about the anxiety she went all week while being nominated and how she couldn't sleep last night...
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Topic #7943247
MtDewAddict - The food competition involved whole basketball kinda thing with the fish it sounds like. 0 Replies #7943247 3:09PM 21/02/2008
Apparently the competition involved catfish, bass, squid, red snapper, small minnows. Alex got stabbed with a fish fin, and he's complaining that it hurts.
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Topic #7943275
Taffy - Allison whispers to Josh as Sharon walks in the room... "You and Sharon are the best because you keep quiet"... 0 Replies #7943275 3:11PM 21/02/2008
Sharon says nothing and Allison puts her boots on quietly...when Sharon leaves she adds "sharon and you are doing a good job, you're playing smart"...Josh doesn't say anything back...they walk out of the room.
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Topic #7943280
MtDewAddict - Amanda and Sheila say that the slop isn't just's like a weird mix of grits,oatmeal, corn nuts "and rocks from a blender or cardboard" NT 0 Replies #7943280 3:12PM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7943310
Broodmore - Chelisia says her and James will be on the block next week NT 0 Replies #7943310 3:15PM 21/02/2008
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Topic #7943330
Taffy - Amanda to Nat: "You look so cute!" Nat smiles and semi hugs Amanda who is sitting at the kitchen counter 0 Replies #7943330 3:18PM 21/02/2008
they plan a menu for the week (Amanda and Nat) looks like Amanda/Alex, Matt/Nat and Sheila/Adam are on slop.

In HOH bathroom Chelsia is telling Josh why their Key (josh/Sharon's) won't come out first and asks him if he's mad about it, he says no then asks "are you going to blindside Matty (or Natty?)?"...missed her answer, but Josh is now saying he plans to put "them" up next week, then backdoor Matty (If he gets HOH, I ass-ume, ed.)
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Topic #7943356
Broodmore - Josh talks about Amanda.... 0 Replies #7943356 3:23PM 21/02/2008
Tells Chelsea that Amanda needs to know that she cannot talk ***** for 14 days and get off scotch-free
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