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CruiseCritic Chels said they would have parties all the time at her house and her Mother didnt care 0 1:10AM 23/02/2008
WVpdles James' middle name is Michael after a bf his mom had when she was pregnant with him. 2 1:21AM 23/02/2008
WVpdles Chel ran down to see what time it was and locked herself out. James said he was enjoying sitting down to pee. 1 1:30AM 23/02/2008
WVpdles back from trivia to sleeping HGs on cam1 josh/sharon, cam2 nat, sheila/adam, cam3 matt, cam4 amanda/alex NT 0 1:42AM 23/02/2008
mydiggs James & Chel Still Talking 0 2:30AM 23/02/2008
mydiggs James roaming... looking for cig stash? NT 1 2:34AM 23/02/2008
mydiggs James & Chel talking about how they can't sleep 0 2:46AM 23/02/2008
mydiggs James tells Chel when he first saw her he thought she was a lesbian NT 0 2:47AM 23/02/2008
Taelyn Alex covers Amandas hands with his, in his sleep , a few minutes later Amanda curls up behind 3 2:54AM 23/02/2008
mydiggs James & Chel making small talk - how to make it look like they're having sex when they're not NT 0 2:55AM 23/02/2008
mydiggs James breaks out the cheesecake bites - Chel: 330 calories! NT 1 2:57AM 23/02/2008
cannotsleep James and Chelsia making out with some small talk thrown in... James says this makes for good tv and "It's for our fans Chelsia!" NT 0 3:49AM 23/02/2008
treesekaon James and Chels in bed, finally turned out lights. 0 3:53AM 23/02/2008
treesekaon James asks Chels about what BB shows on TV 0 3:57AM 23/02/2008
treesekaon James is still trying to figure things out with Chels, and her cover issues she has. He feels like hes in 4th grade. 0 4:00AM 23/02/2008
treesekaon James and Chels only ones on camera that are awake 0 4:08AM 23/02/2008
treesekaon James asks Chelsia if shes republican or democrate. She doesnt know. 0 4:11AM 23/02/2008
treesekaon Finally quiet in the house, looks like everyone is sleeping NT 0 4:22AM 23/02/2008
susooz all sleeping now 0 4:26AM 23/02/2008
susooz Lots of snoring going on 0 4:30AM 23/02/2008
susooz James is still restless but tying to sleep NT 0 4:37AM 23/02/2008
susooz James sleeping now with pillow on top of him longways 0 5:08AM 23/02/2008
susooz james & chelsia earlier in HOH talking 0 5:24AM 23/02/2008
susooz Lost feeds technical NT 0 5:30AM 23/02/2008
susooz someones up- heard a door NT 0 5:38AM 23/02/2008
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