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Topic #7965694
CruiseCritic - Chels said they would have parties all the time at her house and her Mother didnt care 0 Replies #7965694 1:10AM 23/02/2008
what they did as long as she could get everyone's keys

Chels said they had 10 acres and people would bring tents

(I gotta run and make the morning coffee....later)
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Topic #7965723
WVpdles - James' middle name is Michael after a bf his mom had when she was pregnant with him. 2 Replies #7965723 1:21AM 23/02/2008
His dad was married with a kid older than his mom. He was a passion baby.
Chel was her dad's birthday gift. She was conceived on his birthday.
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WVpdles - Feb 24th is her dad's birthday, but for some reason they think today is the 27th and they missed his birthday. NT #7965727 1:23AM 23/02/2008
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callmejenn - They have been there 15 days they were told, and James keeps saying they moved in on th 12th, the show started on the 12th. NT #7965736 1:26AM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7965743
WVpdles - Chel ran down to see what time it was and locked herself out. James said he was enjoying sitting down to pee. 1 Replies #7965743 1:30AM 23/02/2008
Chel said she never knew another guy who sat down to pee sometimes. Chel said she remembers her of her mom's dog it's a boy but squats when it pees.
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WVpdles - Chel asks about his best friend and he starts naming people and we get trivia. NT #7965744 1:30AM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7965755
WVpdles - back from trivia to sleeping HGs on cam1 josh/sharon, cam2 nat, sheila/adam, cam3 matt, cam4 amanda/alex NT 0 Replies #7965755 1:42AM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7965786
mydiggs - James & Chel Still Talking 0 Replies #7965786 2:30AM 23/02/2008
Chel talking about her dad smoking on the toilet

James needs to go outside and smoke
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Topic #7965791
mydiggs - James roaming... looking for cig stash? NT 1 Replies #7965791 2:34AM 23/02/2008
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mydiggs - No cigs for James. :-( NT #7965793 2:35AM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7965802
mydiggs - James & Chel talking about how they can't sleep 0 Replies #7965802 2:46AM 23/02/2008
Chel says they don't want to sleep too late tomorrow 'cause they'll miss out on all the scheming.
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Topic #7965805
mydiggs - James tells Chel when he first saw her he thought she was a lesbian NT 0 Replies #7965805 2:47AM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7965820
Taelyn - Alex covers Amandas hands with his, in his sleep , a few minutes later Amanda curls up behind 3 Replies #7965820 2:54AM 23/02/2008
him his hand going between he legs
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willjanellefan77 - He just reached over searching for her hand and then petted it and then they held hands... then she #7965846 3:16AM 23/02/2008
rolled over and put her leg over his and she held his arm and when she did that it put his hand near her crotch but not on it. Now she's turned over slightly and his shoulder and hand are still on top of hers in the middle of the bed and their legs are next to eachother. She has her head on his shoulder and his hand isn't near her crotch...just laying next to hers so that they are touching....
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willjanellefan77 - Now she's laying on her stomach with her butt scooted toward him and Alex is on his back with his leg up over her butt and leg NT #7965871 3:41AM 23/02/2008
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willjanellefan77 - Now she's rolled back over with her leg and head on him. They both like sleeping with their hand in their undies... NT #7965901 4:35AM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7965825
mydiggs - James & Chel making small talk - how to make it look like they're having sex when they're not NT 0 Replies #7965825 2:55AM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7965829
mydiggs - James breaks out the cheesecake bites - Chel: 330 calories! NT 1 Replies #7965829 2:57AM 23/02/2008
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mydiggs - Now it's Cheerios - Chel went down to the kitchen and got a bowl & milk NT #7965837 3:04AM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7965877
cannotsleep - James and Chelsia making out with some small talk thrown in... James says this makes for good tv and "It's for our fans Chelsia!" NT 0 Replies #7965877 3:49AM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7965880
treesekaon - James and Chels in bed, finally turned out lights. 0 Replies #7965880 3:53AM 23/02/2008
James asks Chels if she doesnt like kissing, because she turns sideways to kiss. Chels is concerned that with the lights off that it would look like they were having sex.
Chels: I told my parents I wouldnt do that.
James: How old are you?

James offers to go ask the DR for permission. The two talk pillow talk. And talk about Big Spoon and Little Spoon. How James likes to pee sitting down, and be the little spoon. Chels thinks James lacked something as a kid and now just wants to be held.

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Topic #7965882
treesekaon - James asks Chels about what BB shows on TV 0 Replies #7965882 3:57AM 23/02/2008
Chels tells him everything, they show people kissing, show people having sex. James wonders if it was Eric and Lisa from Season 3.

Chels does not share blankets. James wonders what she does at home with other dudes in her bed. Chels tells him she doesnt have tons of dudes, and she doesnt share her blanket at home either. James is boggled, asking questions about it. Chels is a blanket stealer. James thinks shes interesting. Chels says she is wierd. And James is wierd
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Topic #7965883
treesekaon - James is still trying to figure things out with Chels, and her cover issues she has. He feels like hes in 4th grade. 0 Replies #7965883 4:00AM 23/02/2008
They talk about going back to the boat beds, and how they are going back to the cursed bed. James doesnt want to be in a bed that someone got evicted from. Chels says fine we can go back to the broken bed. Now talking about how they dont want Baller and Sheila to be their roommates again. Baller is Adam.. They joke about Adam smelling Chels panties.
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Topic #7965887
treesekaon - James and Chels only ones on camera that are awake 0 Replies #7965887 4:08AM 23/02/2008
Two talking about how in only 15 days you can become close to someone and how its wierd, but James points out your around 24/7. Chels says I know its just wierd.

James: I will say this, I really dig you, but outside HOH, it should just be flirting ya know. So the way people see things.

Chels: I agreee.

James says like how Alex got screwed over and it might cause a problem.

James asks Chels what her biggest pet peeve was. She has a lot, doesnt like the word *****.
James asks if she is PC.
Chels yes it just needs to be erased, her aunt was a waterhead. And when she passed away she was a huge bitch, and she was always being judged and called her a *****.
Chels also was a best buddy to a handicapped kid in school.
Chels says people say it alot in this house. Adam and Matty have said it. She doesnt get Adam at all. How he can work with special needs kids, and yet still can use the word retarded. Alex also has said it a few times. Not by talking about someone handicapped, but just sayings also like "Thats retarded" She also doesnt like people who chew their food with their mouths open.

Chels hates worms, ladybugs, smell of lilacs.
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Topic #7965889
treesekaon - James asks Chelsia if shes republican or democrate. She doesnt know. 0 Replies #7965889 4:11AM 23/02/2008
Asks who she would vote for.. She doesnt know.. Maybe Obama. But she hasnt followed much of anything cause it all takes soo long.

James continues to ask questions.. Doesnt it feel nice not to have your phone for 15 days. Neither of them have thought of their phones either.
Chels is a Facebook user.
James is a Myspace user.
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Topic #7965896
treesekaon - Finally quiet in the house, looks like everyone is sleeping NT 0 Replies #7965896 4:22AM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7965897
susooz - all sleeping now 0 Replies #7965897 4:26AM 23/02/2008
James & Chelsia in HOH - looks like she is asleep wrapped in her blanket & James got the sheet with a pillow longways between them - cute hamsters NT
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Topic #7965899
susooz - Lots of snoring going on 0 Replies #7965899 4:30AM 23/02/2008
lots of sheet rustling too - tossing & turning in their sleep...WOW can some of them snore NT
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Topic #7965903
susooz - James is still restless but tying to sleep NT 0 Replies #7965903 4:37AM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7965920
susooz - James sleeping now with pillow on top of him longways 0 Replies #7965920 5:08AM 23/02/2008
sharon had all of the cover -josh took it away in his sleep- she sat up & found a sheet & covered back up - still all sleeping NT
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Topic #7965934
susooz - james & chelsia earlier in HOH talking 0 Replies #7965934 5:24AM 23/02/2008
he said he can't wait to get to day 30 with her , maybe she'll be more comfortable with the cameras- said she promised her mom & dad she wouldn't have sex on TV ,that's when James said let's ask BB & they laughed NT
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Topic #7965939
susooz - Lost feeds technical NT 0 Replies #7965939 5:30AM 23/02/2008
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Topic #7965945
susooz - someones up- heard a door NT 0 Replies #7965945 5:38AM 23/02/2008
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