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alanis Sharon asks how much Allisons bikini was; says $200; Sharon says she should be shot NT 0 10:23AM 24/02/2008
alanis Sheila doing her hair; Natalie now in bathroom with the women in bathroom; Allison drying her hair 0 10:30AM 24/02/2008
NYTC7 Josh just told Amanda the vote is 3-0 for A/A to stay NT 0 10:30AM 24/02/2008
NYTC7 Sheila is paranoid 0 10:38AM 24/02/2008
NYTC7 Veto meeting is at 11 NT 0 10:41AM 24/02/2008
NYTC7 General talk about body hair in the kitchen...nice NT 0 10:42AM 24/02/2008
NYTC7 Josh/Amanda talking game again, couldn't hear a word NT 0 10:48AM 24/02/2008
bbshannon All the girls in bathing suits for the day 1 10:53AM 24/02/2008
bbshannon Adam is wearing a t-shirt that says "Spring Break is for Lovers" NT 0 10:55AM 24/02/2008
alanis Amanda is shaving Matt's upper neck since the clippers are too short NT 0 11:16AM 24/02/2008
alanis Joshuah says he's lost 7 pounds... says he feels it NT 0 11:19AM 24/02/2008
alanis Alex and Amanda are called to the DR NT 0 11:20AM 24/02/2008
alanis Allison finished trimming Matt's upper neck; Chelsia says Happy Birthday to her dad. Sheila confused about dates; thought it was the 23rd NT 0 11:22AM 24/02/2008
alanis Adam is shaving; Alex is doing his hair. HGs talking about a quote; (something having to do with the Hudson river) NT 1 11:25AM 24/02/2008
alanis James,Joshuah, and Ryan talking about Chelsia's nipples in the kitchen 0 11:31AM 24/02/2008
alanis Sharon and Amanda in the boat room; Amanda saying it makes sense not the use the PoV; Sharon says she doens't know; they go back and fourth NT 0 11:33AM 24/02/2008
alanis Natalie asks people if they want coffee; Chelsia says she burps more than she farts, Natt says she doens't burp; wish she could burp like Chelsia NT 0 11:36AM 24/02/2008
alanis Amanda talking about the show Intervention; a girl on the show who would throw up and put it in a bag and keep it in a closet 1 11:38AM 24/02/2008
alanis Matt out of the DR, Amanda asks if any of her meds are in there; says no. F3,F4 are on Josh/Sharon talking about HoH competition NT 0 11:40AM 24/02/2008
alanis Foth (veto ceremony?) NT 0 11:43AM 24/02/2008
alanis No ceremony just yet. Amanda talking to Sharon, Amanda is hungry. Amanda singing a song from the movie "Sister Act" then we go to flames again NT 0 11:46AM 24/02/2008
alanis Amanda asks Sharon what she misses the most. Amanda says "how about just jumping to your car and going to the gas station" Sharon misses her dog NT 0 11:47AM 24/02/2008
alanis Joshuah/Sharon called to the DR. Amanda says she misses going to the mall; not even buying things just "people watching". Amanda heads to kitchen NT 0 11:48AM 24/02/2008
alanis BB calls everyone out for a lockdown NT 0 11:49AM 24/02/2008
alanis Adam smoking; Matt telling Allison how to get bruises off; Matt says he had a black eye before BB Finals; says to ask for Vitamin E NT 0 11:52AM 24/02/2008
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