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bbshannon James told Ryan not to tell ANYONE where the votes are going 0 12:04AM 24/02/2008
Broodmore Matt and Nat in the Kitchen talking about why they were put up 0 12:05AM 24/02/2008
bbshannon Adam pissed off that Amanda and Chelsia hid under the table to see if he washed his hands 0 12:06AM 24/02/2008
bbshannon Amanda and Alex asleep on F1 and 2 0 12:07AM 24/02/2008
bbshannon Natalie thinks they have the most fans in the house 0 12:10AM 24/02/2008
bbshannon Chelsia randomly says "Sheila like wears lingerie" 0 12:14AM 24/02/2008
rplenty Adam calls Josh "the faggat" to Matt. Matt does not react. NT 0 12:19AM 24/02/2008
bbshannon Amanda and Sheila talking in bathroom about Allison 0 12:20AM 24/02/2008
bbshannon Adam and Matt hug and decide to work people tomorrow to save Matt/Natalie 0 12:25AM 24/02/2008
bbshannon Chelsia recounting Matt's stories to James 1 12:25AM 24/02/2008
bbshannon 2 feeds on KFed and Britney (the guines pigs) Bathroom crew talks about POV ceremony NT 1 12:26AM 24/02/2008
bbshannon Amanda and Matt talk about how nervous they are...Sheila is worried for them 1 12:31AM 24/02/2008
bbshannon Chelsia and James kissing again..He wants to do something that would look bad on tv NT 1 12:31AM 24/02/2008
bbshannon Amanda: America! I want kids! I want a husband! NT 0 12:32AM 24/02/2008
bbshannon Sheila wants Tylenol PM (again) but they won't give it to her. NT 0 12:32AM 24/02/2008
bbshannon Matt and Natalie in bed..Adam comes in and says about Asians/Geesh/Hookers etc NT 1 12:33AM 24/02/2008
bbshannon Ali comes into the bathroom and they stop talking. NT 2 12:35AM 24/02/2008
bbshannon Amanda/Sheila talk about ratings 0 12:38AM 24/02/2008
bbshannon Amanda: Can I shower in your HOH room? Sheila says the door will be open NT 0 12:41AM 24/02/2008
bbshannon James and Chelsia wrestling/goofing around on their HOH bed. NT 0 12:42AM 24/02/2008
bbshannon Sheila complimenting Amanda...she's impressed 0 12:43AM 24/02/2008
Sue James: I don't like dick "talk" NT 0 12:44AM 24/02/2008
Sue Chel " I've always been very sensitive about my friend Ashley" NT 0 12:46AM 24/02/2008
Sue Chel wondering if James thinks anyone thinks "badly" about her in the house NT 0 12:48AM 24/02/2008
bbshannon James wants to know what breaks Chelsia..and what breaks him 0 12:50AM 24/02/2008
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