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Gorf As Matt and Nat were leaving the room, Matt caught Sharon trying to listen to their convo, he played it off as a joke NT 0 8:40PM 25/02/2008
willjanellefan77 Alex & Amanda were chasing eachother around the house and jumping out at eachother NT 0 8:44PM 25/02/2008
willjanellefan77 Matt is getting cocky and telling Adam & Natalie what he's going to say at the eviction ceremony & will say to A/A "and you're going home" NT 0 8:45PM 25/02/2008
Tikkanen James/Josh/Chelsia bash Allison and Natalie in HoH. 0 8:46PM 25/02/2008
Tikkanen HGs find dental dams in the condom drawer and are crudely checking them out. NT 0 8:49PM 25/02/2008
Tikkanen Josh massages Natalie and spills her guts to him. NT 0 8:53PM 25/02/2008
raindrop110475 Matt wants to play a game they all can have fun he says there are alot of smart people they sshould be able to figure it out NT 0 8:54PM 25/02/2008
Melisah Josh just quoted Joel Osteen - a televangelist in Houston - to Natalie regarding positive thoughts as he finished up her massage. NT 0 8:55PM 25/02/2008
raindrop110475 They discuss playing truth or darre meanwhile matties and sheila put on denal dams and tongue eachother NT 0 8:56PM 25/02/2008
Melisah James called to the DR NT 0 8:57PM 25/02/2008
Melisah Alex telling Amanda she has a "tank" ass. NT 1 9:00PM 25/02/2008
raindrop110475 Amanda asking josh to say certain things in her goodbye message like they have matchign butts NT 0 9:00PM 25/02/2008
Melisah Ryan and Allison playing chess in the living room. Adam's watching. 0 9:01PM 25/02/2008
Melisah Matt has joined the chess crew. Chelsia and Sharon in the BY taking care of the towels. NT 0 9:02PM 25/02/2008
Melisah Alex, Matt, Sharon now with Adam, Ryan, Allison playing and watching chess. NT 0 9:04PM 25/02/2008
WVpdles Ali lost to Ryan in a chess game, she said she made 2 major errors. NT 0 9:12PM 25/02/2008
WVpdles Sheila's on Adam that he doesn't clip his mic correct, which causes the wires to break. NT 0 9:14PM 25/02/2008
WVpdles Nat's doing a nail polish portrait of Josh on a napkin NT 0 9:15PM 25/02/2008
ttowttow Ali is teaching Amanda how to play chess. NT 0 9:19PM 25/02/2008
WVpdles Ryan, Adam, James in BY yelling as loud as they can NT 0 9:20PM 25/02/2008
WVpdles James was told he can't throw away the coffee or pickles, they're replenished everyday. They also asked him if he can play the game another way. NT 0 9:23PM 25/02/2008
WVpdles Adam, Matt, James playing pool NT 0 9:28PM 25/02/2008
WVpdles BB: Chel please go to the DR NT 0 9:29PM 25/02/2008
ttowttow Chelsia to DR. NT 0 9:30PM 25/02/2008
ttowttow Nat is finished drawing her picture of Joshuah. NT 0 9:41PM 25/02/2008
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