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susooz Chelsia & Alli talking about game - thinks Nat & Matt will be out 0 12:00AM 25/02/2008
lalali Chelsia and Alli talking about James 0 12:03AM 25/02/2008
Gorf Matt, Amanda, Nat, Ryan, Allison. Josh and Sharon in the bed room talking about random topics for the last hour NT 0 1:05AM 25/02/2008
folieadeux8381 James and Adam are smoking and talking in the BY 1 1:33AM 25/02/2008
KactusKathy Matt-James go on and on and on about Matt rejecting Nat's advances. 0 1:50AM 25/02/2008
IggysPINKTights At one point James mentioned how he had to go talk to Che 0 1:51AM 25/02/2008
KactusKathy James, Adam, Matt continue talking strategy sh*t....Matty not going to talk sh*t about Alex. 0 2:00AM 25/02/2008
KactusKathy Guys sayiing all HGs doing the show for the $'s. If they were rich, they wouldn't be doing it. NT 0 2:03AM 25/02/2008
KactusKathy Adam/James thinks Matt should have Nat work at getting votes for them to stay becuz she's nice. 0 2:10AM 25/02/2008
IggysPINKTights Matt is going to talk to Allison remind her of stuff Manda has done to her 0 2:11AM 25/02/2008
KactusKathy Matt says he needs to remind Alli of all the sh*t Amanda said about her the first week. 0 2:16AM 25/02/2008
KactusKathy Adam/M/James still talking around fire in BY. Guys talking about how stupid Parker played. Talkin' s*it about CBS, not wanting to be there anymore. 0 2:22AM 25/02/2008
KactusKathy Guys each think they'll go up next week if they don't win HoH. Closeness to each other doesn't mean anything....James even thinks he could be 0 2:27AM 25/02/2008
KactusKathy Matty can't ever tell whether Sheila lies.....shouldn't have told ppl she's an actress - don't know what to ever believe. 0 2:32AM 25/02/2008
KactusKathy Matt says he needs to come up with a plan tonite....worries about the players acting 0 2:40AM 25/02/2008
KactusKathy Matty thinks HoH will be physical comp. this week. They wonder how they're editing all that's gone down this week. :D 0 2:48AM 25/02/2008
KactusKathy Matt wants to instill into Nat's head what she needs to say/do to lock up the votes for them. James boasts he'll do 0 2:54AM 25/02/2008
LadyMadonna James telling Matt and Adam that he's done messing around with Chelsia 0 2:58AM 25/02/2008
Taelyn Matt telling a story, about some woman he thought was a hooker, and how he was freaking out taking tons of "E's"(ecstasy?)and coke. NT 0 3:17AM 25/02/2008
CruiseCritic Adam, James and Matt at counter in kitchen and James talking how he 0 3:45AM 25/02/2008
CruiseCritic James talking about going to bank to cash the check for quarter million 0 3:47AM 25/02/2008
CruiseCritic Matt says it is bedtime and he is at least going to go lay there - James says he is wired 0 3:49AM 25/02/2008
CruiseCritic Talking about Amanda and Adam says she can go hang with Parker in sequester... 0 3:52AM 25/02/2008
CruiseCritic James talking about how it is usually only 7 people and how now you have to put 2 0 3:53AM 25/02/2008
CruiseCritic Back from Flames and Adam is not near the counter any longer - 0 3:57AM 25/02/2008
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