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Josh said that Matt was kicked off the set of Passions and all he was was a pool boy with no lines. NT - Shannon72
5:36PM 02/03/2008

Girls in kitchen making dinner and Josh/Sharon/James still in HOH still game talking/speculating - Shannon72
5:48PM 02/03/2008

Josh and Sharon getting ready to go downstairs for dinner. - Shannon72
5:53PM 02/03/2008

James just told Ali/Ryan that Matt is telling HoH they're voting to evict A/R NT - WVpdles
5:58PM 02/03/2008

A/R leaves, Chel comes in and they start making out. James says you're killing me, feeds switch to kicthen on all 4. James to DR NT - WVpdles
5:59PM 02/03/2008

James DR leaked says house might be turing depending how he votes NT - EvelDickthebest
6:02PM 02/03/2008

Could hear DR leak from James - Adam Sheila were put up as pawns, but the house could turn and they could leave - WVpdles
6:02PM 02/03/2008

James to DR, they forgot to shut off his mic and we can hear him say - DanaRose
6:02PM 02/03/2008

James out of DR and everyone's eating now NT - WVpdles
6:09PM 02/03/2008
Ryan called to DR NT - WVpdles
6:11PM 02/03/2008

Chel - let's go around the room and say 1 thing we hate about each other <laughs> NT - WVpdles
6:14PM 02/03/2008

Sharon to DR NT - WVpdles
6:20PM 02/03/2008

Natalie to the DR NT - mks
6:37PM 02/03/2008

Adam, James, and Ryan were smoking outside. Adam and James went in leaving Ryan sitting on the pool table. NT - WVpdles
6:37PM 02/03/2008
Ryan asked Adam for some cigs and Adam gave hin a pack NT - WVpdles
6:43PM 02/03/2008

Ali told Ryan she doesn't trust Matt, and she's seen James and Sheila talk and he was telling her they're staying - WVpdles
6:45PM 02/03/2008

Ali - Matt's ignoring us. J/C aren't gonna vote our way if Matt doesn't and he's not telling them. You have to get Matt - WVpdles
6:48PM 02/03/2008

Ali - telling Nat she needs to talk to J/C and tell them how M/N are voting NT - WVpdles
7:02PM 02/03/2008

Nat runs up to HoH and tells J/S, Ali said the only way J/C will vote for us is if you are NT - WVpdles
7:05PM 02/03/2008

Ryan/Ali outside working out. NT - WVpdles
7:08PM 02/03/2008

Sharon and Josh in HOH and Josh sees Nat is at door and said, "Why can't she just leave us the F alone?" - Shannon72
7:11PM 02/03/2008

Nat just told J/S that Matty for sure wants Ali gone NT - NYTC7
7:12PM 02/03/2008

Nat keeps going on and on about Chelsia kissing ali and giving her the time of day, she doesn't understand it, says its disturbing NT - NYTC7
7:15PM 02/03/2008

Josh is probing Nat for what Matt is thinking - NYTC7
7:16PM 02/03/2008

Nat doesn't understand why J/C are giving Ali the time of day and it makes Nat sick. - Shannon72
7:17PM 02/03/2008

Nat says she just tells Ali that she's voting to keep her so that she won't bug her. NT - NYTC7
7:18PM 02/03/2008

Ali complimenting J/C, you are both the most mature 21 year olds i've ever met NT - NYTC7
7:19PM 02/03/2008

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