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Allison calling Sheila pathetic and insulting her parenting. NT - Melisah
10:18AM 02/03/2008

Allison saying she didn't want to kiss everyone in the pool and didn't - Melisah
10:19AM 02/03/2008
In this conversation Sheila was accusing Alli of making out with girls (ie; Chel) just to - Shannon72
10:24AM 02/03/2008

Allison/Sheila calling each other pathetic. - Melisah
10:21AM 02/03/2008

Adam telling Sheila that they need to keep calm in the house. - Melisah
10:24AM 02/03/2008
During this convo Nat said not to worry about votes because "We did the holy matrimony all over the house last night" NT - SouthernBelladonna
10:35AM 02/03/2008

Sheila now in HoH recapping for Josh and Sharon NT - Melisah
10:25AM 02/03/2008

Sheila just saying (again!) that Allison wants people to like her that's why she's (Allison) - Melisah
10:26AM 02/03/2008

Sheila/Josh/Sharon on all four feeds. - Melisah
10:28AM 02/03/2008

Sheila still bitchin about how she thinks alli is disgusting for making out with chel NT - jaynixx
10:29AM 02/03/2008

ryan and alli still think j/c are going up - lalali
10:35AM 02/03/2008

Ryan and Alli in BR - convo about fight with Sheila - Shannon72
10:37AM 02/03/2008

Ryan left bedroom and Alli now changing into bathing suit. She just opened door to other BR to see if anyone was in there (listening?) NT - Shannon72
10:39AM 02/03/2008

Ryan confronts Alli again - Shannon72
10:44AM 02/03/2008

Ali asks Ryan "what about your part in all this" And Ryan gets really angry. - SouthernBelladonna
10:45AM 02/03/2008

Ali in HOH. Ali denied using the word asinine. Sharon gets mad and calls her out on saying it. - SouthernBelladonna
10:49AM 02/03/2008

Alli in HOH w/Sheila Josh and Sharon - Shannon72
10:49AM 02/03/2008

Chel and Josh in the HOH bathroom. Chel reassures Josh that she and James are still with them. - SouthernBelladonna
10:51AM 02/03/2008

Chel leaves HOH. Ali and Sheila still argue. - SouthernBelladonna
10:53AM 02/03/2008

More Alli and Sheila in HOH with Josh and Sharon listening - Shannon72
10:58AM 02/03/2008

Ryan enters HOH. Sheila gets up to leave and says she isn't going to be tag teamed. - SouthernBelladonna
11:02AM 02/03/2008

More and More Sheila and Alli in HOH - Shannon72
11:02AM 02/03/2008

Matt is telling the group in the kitchen that his girl is a good girl. "She's like a dog" - SouthernBelladonna
11:04AM 02/03/2008

Ryan asks Sheila to please talk to Ali and work things out. Sheila says she wants to eat now. - SouthernBelladonna
11:05AM 02/03/2008

Ryan and Sheila in kitchen and Ryan is trying to smooth things over with Sheila - Shannon72
11:07AM 02/03/2008

Alli comes out of BR and joins Ryan/Sheila in kitchen - Shannon72
11:16AM 02/03/2008

Josh just said that veto meeting is in 30 minutes NT - Shannon72
11:17AM 02/03/2008

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