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Nat and Matt now alone in BY talking game - Brendabythebay
12:05AM 03/03/2008
Now Matt says he's going to start making James life he!! starting after HoH NT - WVpdles
12:07AM 03/03/2008

Matt tells Nat that even tho they'll never have relationship and they don't click that way, - Brendabythebay
12:09AM 03/03/2008

Matt goes inside and joins Ryan watching Adam and James play chess. NT - Brendabythebay
12:12AM 03/03/2008

james beat adam so he's now playing ryan. Matt and nat have come in to watch NT - WVpdles
12:13AM 03/03/2008

Nat is sitting on couch "watching" the chess game but reading her bible. - Brendabythebay
12:17AM 03/03/2008

Ryan won, so now Matt is playing chess with James NT - WVpdles
12:22AM 03/03/2008
Ryan and Adam are helping Matt NT - WVpdles
12:40AM 03/03/2008

Matt with Ryan and Adam's help won the chess game. All 4 guys are now eating pizza. NT - WVpdles
12:52AM 03/03/2008

The guys got loud in the kitchen and Sheila yelled down at Adam to take it down a notch so they yell a bit more and - Brendabythebay
1:02AM 03/03/2008

The 4 guys are now outside playing pool NT - WVpdles
1:02AM 03/03/2008

4 guys outside and Adam talks to James about how James was giving himself a "handy" and the - CruiseCritic
1:04AM 03/03/2008

James talking about bicycling around the world for peace - CruiseCritic
1:05AM 03/03/2008

James, Adam and Ryan all smoking heavily and Matt sitting on pool table - CruiseCritic
1:08AM 03/03/2008

Adam asks James if the U.S is done and James says yes - it is done - he did - CruiseCritic
1:08AM 03/03/2008

James said his first bike was a girls Huffy bike he rode it from Atlanta to LA - CruiseCritic
1:10AM 03/03/2008

American Apparel - apparently James gets free clothes from them and - CruiseCritic
1:12AM 03/03/2008

Adam cleaning table area by counter top and random talk about game and hwo suprising that Alex - CruiseCritic
1:13AM 03/03/2008

Matt talking how Alex got mad and didnt want it to be a 2-2 tie when Parker/Jen were on the block - CruiseCritic
1:15AM 03/03/2008
Was Alex not Josh and was about Jen/Parker not A/A NT - Gorf
1:18AM 03/03/2008

Guys talkign how Amanda was falling for Parker and talking about how their first nights - CruiseCritic
1:18AM 03/03/2008

Random chat with the 4 guys in the kitchen - Ryan refills his glass with water - CruiseCritic
1:20AM 03/03/2008

Ryan said that Jen got semi-finals last year for BB and she has applied for 5-6 years and Matt asks if - CruiseCritic
1:23AM 03/03/2008

Flames still due to talk of Jen being in semi-finals last year NT - CruiseCritic
1:24AM 03/03/2008
She almost got on with her ex-fiance and Ryan said he was getting pissed.But he thinks they didn't hate each other enough to make it. NT - WVpdles
1:26AM 03/03/2008

Matt talking how he gave out numbers of 2 girls to BB staff and one said no way and FLAMES AGAIN NT - CruiseCritic
1:25AM 03/03/2008

Feeds back and James said that whispering has been taken down to a minimum at night - CruiseCritic
1:28AM 03/03/2008
it was Parker they're talking about NT - WVpdles
1:29AM 03/03/2008

Talking how Parker put the microphone in sheilas face saying "America will know you are a liar" - CruiseCritic
1:31AM 03/03/2008

Mattie, Baller, James and Ryan still up, at the kitchen random chat NT - KingMac
1:59AM 03/03/2008

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