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Topic #8078450
Brendabythebay - Nat and Matt now alone in BY talking game 1 Replies #8078450 12:05AM 03/03/2008
They discuss James and Chels. Nat says boy they really flipped.

Matt asks Nat what she thinks about James, how could he hurt James.

Nat says he's homeless. Matt says no.

Matt keeps asking her to see if she can figure it out. She does. Oh I know what you're going to do, you're going to flirt with her (Chels.)

Matt: You know why I know that bothers him. You remember the pool? Sharon even saw it. I am gonna make his life a miserable hell. I'm gonna make him cry. Rub it in. I wanna prewarn you is it ok with you if I do that.

Nat: uh huh

Matt: Only if he fcks with you, I'm gonna do that. We're friends. We like each other like friends.

Nat: James is an idiot, why would he flip like that.

Matt: Did you see how mad he was when we won pov? They haven't won anything. Alex gave me that idea to do that. The only way you're gonna win comps... they know we're stronger... they way they want to win is to make us against each other, get in your head. Make you cry cuz they know when you cry it makes me miserable.

Nat: I only cry cuz we are partners and I want to be close to you.

Matt: We're working on that.

Nat: If he does anything, I'm gonna say Thank you James, Jesus be with you, now you're just bringing on the blessings. I'm gonna drive him crazy with the Jesus stuff.

Matt: When we're 4 of us together, I want you to be nice to him all day, stay on his ass. I'm not gonna kiss chels, I know that will make you mad, you know how they cuddle, if he gets up, I'm sitting down and cuddlin on her, and when he comes back I'll say Whats up your girl likes me huh?

Nat: they will laugh.

Matt: I told him, they put me in here for a reason. I am an A22hole and I'm not one to be fked with.

Nat says something about CHels and alcohol, Matt ssays she was joking with you.

Nat: THe thing that pissed me off earlier she tries to be secretive about her vote.

Matt: THats their right to be secretive about their vote.

Nat; When I"m right THERE

Matt; Who gives a fck.

Nat: She's scheming with Josh so we're gonna be the odd vote out.

Matt: Who gives a fck. Josh isn't hoh next week.


Matt: Ali and Ry think we're with them right now. You gotta make em think that keep acting like that. Make it like we're just pretending we don't like you.

Nat: I just say I dont want her hounding me all day.

Matt: If they win, we have them.

Nat: Adam needs to quit giving James cigs. J will be miserable.

Matt. That plan is ALL in the works right now. I already talked to him.

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WVpdles - Now Matt says he's going to start making James life he!! starting after HoH NT #8078468 12:07AM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8078481
Brendabythebay - Matt tells Nat that even tho they'll never have relationship and they don't click that way, 0 Replies #8078481 12:09AM 03/03/2008
he will always defend her if someone treats her bad or talks bad about her. He's not like Ryan (cuz Ryan doesnt defend Ali.)

Thats the plan.

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Topic #8078508
Brendabythebay - Matt goes inside and joins Ryan watching Adam and James play chess. NT 0 Replies #8078508 12:12AM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8078519
WVpdles - james beat adam so he's now playing ryan. Matt and nat have come in to watch NT 0 Replies #8078519 12:13AM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8078571
Brendabythebay - Nat is sitting on couch "watching" the chess game but reading her bible. 0 Replies #8078571 12:17AM 03/03/2008
(Ed. This is kinda funny cuz she's been telling Sheila and Matt that she's gonna drive James nuts with the Jesus stuff.)
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Topic #8078628
WVpdles - Ryan won, so now Matt is playing chess with James NT 1 Replies #8078628 12:22AM 03/03/2008
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WVpdles - Ryan and Adam are helping Matt NT #8078716 12:40AM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8078772
WVpdles - Matt with Ryan and Adam's help won the chess game. All 4 guys are now eating pizza. NT 0 Replies #8078772 12:52AM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8078813
Brendabythebay - The guys got loud in the kitchen and Sheila yelled down at Adam to take it down a notch so they yell a bit more and 0 Replies #8078813 1:02AM 03/03/2008
then go outside to play pool. Adam does yell up he's sorry before going out.
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Topic #8078814
WVpdles - The 4 guys are now outside playing pool NT 0 Replies #8078814 1:02AM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8078822
CruiseCritic - 4 guys outside and Adam talks to James about how James was giving himself a "handy" and the 0 Replies #8078822 1:04AM 03/03/2008
guy behind the mirror was laughing and started to cough and then FLAMES
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Topic #8078826
CruiseCritic - James talking about bicycling around the world for peace 0 Replies #8078826 1:05AM 03/03/2008
and Chelsia is awake in bed in F2
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Topic #8078834
CruiseCritic - James, Adam and Ryan all smoking heavily and Matt sitting on pool table 0 Replies #8078834 1:08AM 03/03/2008
and random chat about James biking around the world and Matt asks him if he maps out where he goes.

James said his stipend will be able to get him a webcam and a laptop and if he wins first or second he will be able to get a website and get blogs going etc.

Matt saying he can post pics of places he has been..James says yeah.

Matt asks him if he plans to go to Egypt and James says no, its not in his plan
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Topic #8078836
CruiseCritic - Adam asks James if the U.S is done and James says yes - it is done - he did 0 Replies #8078836 1:08AM 03/03/2008
7000 miles. He has a $1000 bike.
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Topic #8078839
CruiseCritic - James said his first bike was a girls Huffy bike he rode it from Atlanta to LA 0 Replies #8078839 1:10AM 03/03/2008
they all laugh and think its crazy. James talking about getting wasted. James says he gets free drinks because he writes about the bars in his blog.
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Topic #8078848
CruiseCritic - American Apparel - apparently James gets free clothes from them and 0 Replies #8078848 1:12AM 03/03/2008
he gets everything free. All because he was in a bar drinking with people. James said he started out with just underwear and socks and then they started giving him 1k and then 2k to get whatever he wants.

talks about how IF they knew he was coming on the show that is all he would be wearing - but couldnt tell them

Matt says he loves American Apparel clothes.

Guys are all heading in to bed
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Topic #8078857
CruiseCritic - Adam cleaning table area by counter top and random talk about game and hwo suprising that Alex 0 Replies #8078857 1:13AM 03/03/2008
put Parker up. Matt says that Alex truly believed ppl would vote to keep him here.

Matt says he was told that if he did use the POV that game that James/Chel would have gone up

all 4 guys in kitchen
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Topic #8078868
CruiseCritic - Matt talking how Alex got mad and didnt want it to be a 2-2 tie when Parker/Jen were on the block 1 Replies #8078868 1:15AM 03/03/2008
James at KT table and the other three at the counter. Matt talking how Alex owns Eastware DJ company? James talks how the 9-11 payouts were huge and Matt says he didnt need the money

(fixed subject above as per Gorf)
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Gorf - Was Alex not Josh and was about Jen/Parker not A/A NT #8078888 1:18AM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8078883
CruiseCritic - Guys talkign how Amanda was falling for Parker and talking about how their first nights 0 Replies #8078883 1:18AM 03/03/2008
were in the house. James said he kind of got the cold shoulder and Adam chimes in that he really had it bad the first night.

Talking about possibility of Jacob and or Neil having something to do with the vote.

Adam says Parker is probably balls deep inside her
Matt calls her "dark meat"
James doesnt think anything is happening as things change when you leave the house
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Topic #8078899
CruiseCritic - Random chat with the 4 guys in the kitchen - Ryan refills his glass with water 0 Replies #8078899 1:20AM 03/03/2008
and they talk about other people vying for the same spots in the game and how they saw OTHER people and

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Topic #8078916
CruiseCritic - Ryan said that Jen got semi-finals last year for BB and she has applied for 5-6 years and Matt asks if 0 Replies #8078916 1:23AM 03/03/2008
she was in L.A. last year too and Ryan says no

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Topic #8078920
CruiseCritic - Flames still due to talk of Jen being in semi-finals last year NT 1 Replies #8078920 1:24AM 03/03/2008
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WVpdles - She almost got on with her ex-fiance and Ryan said he was getting pissed.But he thinks they didn't hate each other enough to make it. NT #8078933 1:26AM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8078929
CruiseCritic - Matt talking how he gave out numbers of 2 girls to BB staff and one said no way and FLAMES AGAIN NT 0 Replies #8078929 1:25AM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8078944
CruiseCritic - Feeds back and James said that whispering has been taken down to a minimum at night 1 Replies #8078944 1:28AM 03/03/2008
talking about how someone was fing with people while they were sleeping (not sure who as feeds just came back on) now Matt says fn Parker - so it might be who they were talking about.

James says he was fing with everyone and talking sh!t about HGS
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WVpdles - it was Parker they're talking about NT #8078946 1:29AM 03/03/2008
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Topic #8078951
CruiseCritic - Talking how Parker put the microphone in sheilas face saying "America will know you are a liar" 0 Replies #8078951 1:31AM 03/03/2008
and now Adam and Matt talking how Parker was on strike and cameraman goes to Parkers picture on the memory wall.

did they tell you what to wear??

and then Ryan says "jen was telling me about this black businessman" and FLAMES again

( I am out - gotta make the morning brew)
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Topic #8079018
KingMac - Mattie, Baller, James and Ryan still up, at the kitchen random chat NT 0 Replies #8079018 1:59AM 03/03/2008
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