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WVpdles Sheila in massage room freaking out to Matt, that she thinks Chel will keep Ali. NT 0 6:48PM 04/03/2008
WVpdles Ali had a dream and it's so real. The audience has 3 lifelines. They are allowed to chose when they can mix stuff up. America is putting the siren in 0 6:54PM 04/03/2008
WVpdles Ali - I don't know why they would tell Adam/Sheila or Ryan and I about the siren when it didn't involve us. It makes no sense for someone to walk out 0 6:55PM 04/03/2008
WVpdles Ali to Ryan. Chel told her to wear this tomorrow, she came in it and can leave in it. Then Chel let Sheila BORROW something to wear NT 0 7:07PM 04/03/2008
DanaRose Alli telling Ryan she was talking to Chelsia and Chels slipped and said... 0 7:08PM 04/03/2008
WVpdles Ali's telling Sheila the siren is going to go off at 3am in the morning and there will be no eviction because the presidental coverage will be on 1 7:18PM 04/03/2008
DanaRose Alli tells Sheila her 'siren' theory...she believes that 0 7:20PM 04/03/2008
Snarf123 Chels and Josh in the SR. The remote is missing and the TV isn't on. NT 0 7:21PM 04/03/2008
DanaRose Chelsia and Josh in SR, something is missing...Josh says dont tell anyone, Chels says she wont... 1 7:22PM 04/03/2008
DanaRose Alli to DR NT 0 7:23PM 04/03/2008
DanaRose Alli telling Matt now what Chelsia 'slipped' and said... Matt says 0 7:41PM 04/03/2008
DanaRose Alli says Chels/James are going to tell her tonight who they're voting for tomorrow... 0 7:44PM 04/03/2008
DanaRose Sharon calling her favorite Guinea Pig...' FIRENZ ' NT 0 7:45PM 04/03/2008
DanaRose Nat telling Matty that there are 8 curtains, and 0 7:49PM 04/03/2008
cjo Nat up now, in kitchen, telling Sheila about nightmares she had, 0 7:51PM 04/03/2008
DanaRose All feeds in KT. Adam called to DR, In KT cooking are Josh, Sharon, Nat, Chelsiaand Sheila. Ryan comes in. Sharon is 0 7:53PM 04/03/2008
cjo Josh feeling Sheila's boobs - telling her they're nice NT 0 7:53PM 04/03/2008
DanaRose F1 and 3 Firenz and other GP eating close up. (very cute) NT 0 7:54PM 04/03/2008
cjo Sharon eating an apple, in kitchen. Chel doing dishes. Nat making 0 7:55PM 04/03/2008
BrownCoat Camera is doing flashes between Sharon eating an apple and the guinea pigs eating apples (F1). Lots of close-ups of the guinea pigs. NT 0 7:59PM 04/03/2008
cjo BB- James, please go to DR NT 0 8:00PM 04/03/2008
cjo Matt outside lifting weights. Baller up now & goes outside. Ryan joins 0 8:01PM 04/03/2008
cjo Chel says she's going to bleach something, and Josh says "you want 0 8:03PM 04/03/2008
cjo Sheila telling Josh about Allison saying the evictions will be *off* this week 0 8:06PM 04/03/2008
cjo Shelia telling Josh that Allison knows her politics so, maybe she's right NT 0 8:08PM 04/03/2008
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