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Bigjock4u9 Nat slow roasting her self in the sauna, J/S in bed, /A,S,R,C,J in the kitchen talking about Reality tv shows NT 0 12:02AM 04/03/2008
Bigjock4u9 HG's getting ready for bed Matt and Ryan in BY NT 0 12:07AM 04/03/2008
Bigjock4u9 Adam called to the DR. Nat and Sheila going on about them calling people NOW NT 0 12:09AM 04/03/2008
Bigjock4u9 Matt and Ryan talking about their plans for next week when one of them is HoH NT 0 12:13AM 04/03/2008
jblig Natalie was counting things and relating them to the alphabet. When she showed Ryan why, 0 12:35AM 04/03/2008
kandio Nat & Matt going to talk. Nat say's were all family its ok for her to have her butt out. 0 12:39AM 04/03/2008
kandio M/R talking...R ask about M GF's picture..then saying how dumb Nat is 0 12:49AM 04/03/2008
kandio M/R guessing at things, but not counting. Saying thats a lot of counting 0 1:05AM 04/03/2008
kandio M/N...Nat saying you need to tell Adam not to give James cigs 0 1:16AM 04/03/2008
WVpdles All HGs sleeping NT 0 1:36AM 04/03/2008
KennyN James wakes up, gets out of bed and heads to the spa room. Now he's in the sauna. All other HG's sleeping. NT 0 1:57AM 04/03/2008
WVpdles James is out of sauna, and got a drink in the kitchen. 0 2:04AM 04/03/2008
KennyN James leaves the sauna, gets a drink of water, uses the bathroom then heads back into the sauna. NT 2 2:05AM 04/03/2008
bbwtchninpr James bites his toenail off says WoW . NT 0 2:16AM 04/03/2008
KennyN James out of the sauna, now in the bathroom wiping his chest down with something. NT 0 2:30AM 04/03/2008
KennyN James wanders through the kitchen, checks out the guinea pigs then plops down on the living room sofa. All in the dark. NT 0 2:34AM 04/03/2008
KennyN Now James is in the kitchen, munching on a snack of some sort. Obviously restless. NT 3 2:43AM 04/03/2008
CruiseCritic James in KT dancing around, looked at memory wall. He just came out of the sauna room NT 0 3:01AM 04/03/2008
bcbmom James in WC brushing teeth 0 3:02AM 04/03/2008
CruiseCritic James looking around at everything in LR and KT areas and walks quietly into the BR 0 3:02AM 04/03/2008
shermeli all HGs sleeping NT 0 4:40AM 04/03/2008
DanaRose Josh up to use bathroom and back to bed NT 0 5:33AM 04/03/2008
crazybiotch42069 sheila restless in bed getting more comfortable all others sleeping soundly NT 0 8:22AM 04/03/2008
crazybiotch42069 wake up music now flames time to get up for the day NT 1 8:32AM 04/03/2008
crazybiotch42069 josh saying he loves that wake up saying fresh batteries in storage NT 0 8:39AM 04/03/2008
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