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scandalous Nat was rambling to Ryan non-stop about past relationships while doing his portrait; BB saves Ryan by calling Nat to the DR NT 0 12:08AM 08/03/2008
scandalous Feeds switch from Adam & Matt in their beds both reading Bibles (but Matt looks like he's passing out) to James & Ryan in the kitchen NT 0 12:09AM 08/03/2008
scandalous James asks if anything was "cracking" today, Ryan says no. They talk about how they'll be up all night b/c of naps, but tomorrow will be "chill" NT 0 12:10AM 08/03/2008
AirMale Watching James chow down on pizza while talking to Ryan. Ryan says he'll be up all night now. 0 12:11AM 08/03/2008
scandalous Ryan says he's glad he got his money in a "non-greedy" way, although he took it from a single mother, but they say Sheila's ok with it NT 0 12:12AM 08/03/2008
scandalous Still re-hasing the Veto Comp. James mentions again that maybe Adam's bike is a scooter (Adam was salty earlier about James joking it wouldn't... 0 12:17AM 08/03/2008
scandalous Balla (Adam) approaches the kitchen, scratching his ass in a big way NT 0 12:17AM 08/03/2008
scandalous J/R talking about the patch & whether it kept them up at night. James says he just needs to quit, or have a friend in the area drop off some cartons. 0 12:19AM 08/03/2008
scandalous Ryan trying to pet a GP through holes in the connecting tubes, but it keeps scampering away from him NT 0 12:20AM 08/03/2008
scandalous Ryan munching on a strawberry & says he got 2 pints of Ben & Jerry's as well as soft pretzels in his HOH freezer NT 0 12:22AM 08/03/2008
scandalous Ryan drops the remainder of his strawberry into the GP cage. NT 0 12:23AM 08/03/2008
scandalous We can hear the GP's squealing their appreciation NT 0 12:24AM 08/03/2008
scandalous Two feeds switch back & forth from Ryan biting into a strawberry and a GP doing the same (ed. lol) NT 0 12:25AM 08/03/2008
scandalous James went to bed & Ryan said he's doing the same NT 0 12:26AM 08/03/2008
scandalous Nat finds that everyone's in bed & she & Ryan decide to finish his polish-portrait tomorrow. Nat off to bed. NT 0 12:27AM 08/03/2008
scandalous Ryan up in HOH rummaging through his fridge. NT 0 12:28AM 08/03/2008
scandalous Ryan eats somthing from his basket, jumps in to bed & turns on the "tv", & flips through the channels NT 0 12:30AM 08/03/2008
scandalous 2 feeds on Ryan tossing around the remote; 2 on Matt & Nat in bed NT 0 12:31AM 08/03/2008
scandalous Ryan still munching on something in bed in the dark while flipping through the channels. Matt was on back, but has turned away from Nat NT 1 12:34AM 08/03/2008
scandalous Ryan back up, looks at his basket (possibly for something more to eat) now we hear water running in the HOH bathroom NT 0 12:39AM 08/03/2008
scandalous Lots of movement in Adam's bed (ed. as per ushe), but only on far camera so hard to see what he's doing NT 0 12:41AM 08/03/2008
scandalous Strange noises coming from the HOH bathroom: possiby face washing, grunt, belch, toilet flushing; he's still in there in the dark NT 0 12:42AM 08/03/2008
scandalous Ryan washes his hands, emerges from the bathroom, turns on his music, flips the channels some more NT 0 12:46AM 08/03/2008
scandalous Adam is now in BY smokin' NT 0 12:49AM 08/03/2008
scandalous Adam back inside & back to bed; one of the cams shows Sheila sleeping soundly in the boat room NT 0 12:52AM 08/03/2008
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